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Lucas Scenes » Twinks

Allen King Worships Max Arion's Feet
on 08.05.20

Max Arion and Allen King are too of Lucas Entertainment's all-star models, and seeing them together is a cum-dripping experience! In this Lucas Raunch outtake, Allen King takes his time worshipping Max Arion's feet before moving on to his cock and offering his ass for an unforgiving anal pounding (which can be seen in full on Lucas Entertainment).

Worshipping A Pissing Cock
from Soaked In Piss
on 10.31.19

Louis Ricaute may look like a big bad boy, but when he’s presented with Max Arion’s beautiful, uncut cock flopping around ready to piss all over him, he drops to his knees, opens his mouth, and wait for his reward. Also featured are Max Cameron, Jackson Fillmore, Viktor Rom, Ken Summers, Alex Kof, Bulrog, Leo Forte, Rex Cameron, Sean Xavier, Brian Bonds, Josh Milk, Max Schutler, and Dmitry Osten.

Dylan Greene Comes Back For Andre Donovan's Piss And Toy Play
on 05.15.19

Dylan Greene is a horny guy who just can't get enough. After Andre Donovan finished hosing his ass out in an enema and fucking session, Dylan is still hanging out in the bathtub playing with his hole using a dildo. Andre walks back in to take a piss, but when he sees Dylan ready for more hardcore action, he instead directs his urine all over Dylan's face rather than the toilet.

Wagner Vittoria Opens Bogdan Gromov's Ass With A Dildo
on 06.28.18

In this Lucas Raunch vignette, the beautiful muscle-bear beefcake Wagner Vittoria plays with Bogdan Gromov's ass by stretching him with an adult sex toy!

Rafael Carreras Opens Up Darius Ferdynand's Ass
from Stretch My Hole
on 05.16.13

Rafael Carreras doesn’t have to look far to find a needy bottom guy ready to fill his hole with huge uncut Cuban cock! Today on Rafael’s menu is Darius Ferdynand, a small twink with a tight body. Darius is an expert lover and isn’t afraid to use his ass to its limits, even if that means running the risk of breaking it! That’s perfect for Rafael, who ravages the bottom from the beginning with kisses and rough touches. Rafael swallows Darius’ alert cock while fingering his hole. Rafael Carreras is an ass man and switches his attention to Darius Ferdynand’s ass; he fingers and eats it before slipping on a condom and penetrating the bottom with all 10 inches of his meat, and the faster and rougher he fucks the louder the bottom’s moans are!

Sam Barclay and J.P. Dubois Get Raunchy
from London Showers
on 02.28.13

It’s easy to be deceived when looking at these two: JP Dubois looks like a twink through and through, and Sam Barclay completely would too if not for the scruff he has growing on his chin and jaw. Innocent on the outside perhaps, but these two kinky bastards are raunchy and devilish behind closed doors. Sam begins by trying to manage sucking JP’s big fat uncut cock, and then JP returns the favor and loosens up his lips on Sam. The hotter and heavier they get the raunchier they become, and that’s when they start pissing on each other; the guys wash each other’s hungry ass holes in hot urine. Sam fucks JP first, but he’s aching to feel his boy toy’s big uncut dick inside him, and the harder JP fucks Sam the less willpower he has to hold it in, pissing on himself before shooting his seed!

Aaron Blake Rides Jimmy Durano's Cock in Stockings
from PantyHos
on 10.11.12

Aaron Blake is the perfect houseboy -- he is Jimmy Durano’s boy-toy sitting around their apartment waiting to help his man in any way possible. After getting Jimmy ready for a big meeting, he takes out a pair of stocking and slips into them. He loves feeling like a lady -- it’s his secret fetish that Jimmy doesn’t know about -- and whenever his man is away, he feeds his fantasy. But Jimmy forgets something for his meeting and stops by the apartment by surprise and Aaron is busted. But Jimmy isn’t angry; he’s turned on instead, and runs his hands all over Aaron. If Aaron wants to be treated like a lady, Jimmy is going to give him exactly what he wants. He first manhandles the blond’s legs and ass before pulling out his dick and sucking on it and lathering up his hole with his tongue. After Jimmy is done Aaron assumes the submissive position and pulls off his man’s pants and begins servicing his huge uncut Latin cock. Jimmy’s body is stunning and Aaron can’t keep his hands off of his muscles. After Jimmy is tired of getting his dick sucked he tells Aaron to take a seat on his fat piece of meat. But Aaron has a hard time riding Jimmy, so he turns around and waits for his ass to get pounded out like a bitch!

Young Sexpot Sal Takes Piss Through a Gloryhole
on 07.24.12

In this recovered outtake from "Encounters 03: Flash Point," Sal returns, and this hot guy is the very definition of a twink. He's young, short, light, and smooth -- but it's all deceived by the huge piece of meat hanging between his legs. But Sal is a bottom, and a monstrous cock pokes through a red glory hole for him to service. The owner of the huge uncut cock isn't interested in a blowjob, though. Instead, he starts pissing all over Sal, who doesn't recoil but rather recoil but rather embraces the submission and lets the urine cover his face and body!

Derrick Hanson Douses Brandon Aguilar in Urine
on 07.17.12

In this restored watersports outtake from "Fire Island Cruising 08," Brandon Aguilar disappears with Derrick Hanson to a secluded corner on Fire Island. There Derrick continues to be a dominant top by making Brandon drop to his knees and take his piss. This might be a brief scene, but it proves why the hot guys on Fire Island are just so damn sexy!

Preston Steel Fucks Trent Atkins' Tight Ass on a Piss-Soaked Sofa
from Ride It Wet
on 04.26.12

The toned and sweet-faced porn star, Trent Atkins, has been put in good hands. He debuts on Lucas Raunch with Preston Steel, who is able to pull off being both handsome and rough at the same time. The guys are wearing sexy jockstraps, and Trent is the first to pull his down to give his erection some air. Preston kneels down and wags his tongue, teasing out some piss from the shy Trent. But he delivers some spurts of pee, and Preston spits it all back on Trent, soaking and causing him to glisten in the light with fresh urine. The guys switch positions and Trent takes all of the piss Preston has to offer. By demeaning Trent, Preston is loosening the boy up to be his bitch, and he first plays with Trent’s asshole before setting out for what he wants. Preston bends the cutie over a seedy leather couch and tests what Trent is truly made of. Preston’s cock is hard and big, and Trent closes his eyes and grits his teeth as he accepts Preston into him, and it is a lot more than he bargained for. But Preston doesn’t care: he’s going to teach Trent how to be a pig, and he flips him around in several positions before stalling to piss on him some more! When they’re finished, the piss is mixed with cum!

Kinky Jessy Karson and Johnny Oliver Get Raunchy
from HARD & WET
on 09.29.11

Smooth bad-boy Jessy Karson whips out his huge, uncut cock and turns it into a fire hose of urine, all in an effort to impress his fuck-buddy, the sexy and bearish Johnny Oliver. Though Jessy is a top, he’s more than willing to submit to the strong physique of Johnny: after his shower of piss, he aggressively sucks off Johnny’s erect dick (which is studded with a Prince Albert piercing). Johnny returns the favor, pissing on and sucking off Jessy. There is intense rimming action that follows: Jessy has a tight, puckered boy-hole, and Johnny has an amazingly round and plump ass. They eat each other out before Jessy perches himself on a table, curls his back, clutches the edges, and takes Johnny’s powerful piece of meat into him for an intense sex session until Johnny blows his load in Jessy’s mouth!

Straight Guys Fredy Costa and Ivan Fuck and Squirt Piss
on 08.09.11

Darkly handsome Fredy Costa gives hot twink Ivan`s manhole a good working in this scene. The two straight guys have no qualms eating each other`s asses and inhaling each other`s cocks. Fredy then fucks Ivan`s butt in multiple positions before the final explosive cum shots

Sebasthian Stretches Ian James' Tight Hole with Massive Toys
on 08.09.11

These two smooth cuties -- dark-haired Sebasthian and hungry bottom Ian James -- play with dildos before they get into the true ass-fucking fun!

Young Sex-Pots George and Roberto Gruber Flip-Fuck and Piss
on 08.07.11

Even though he's in a relationship, twink cutie George is ready to fuck and get fucked on camera with fellow twink Roberto Gruber. Roberto`s huge cock works every hole in George`s body before the two switch it up and George fucks Roberto`s ass before cumming in his mouth (and promptly eating it back out)! The best way to top off the scene -- golden showers, of course!

Hardcore Sucking, Fucking, and Pissing with Rich and David
on 08.07.11

Buzz-cut Rich flip-flop fucks tattooed hottie David in this sizzling audition. The pair engages in plenty of dick and ass eating as well (David`s tongue piercing works wonders on an ass!), accumulating in cum shots directly onto each other`s tongues and then kissing with that cum still in their mouths! Afterwards, instead of pillow talk the boys instead decide to let loose their bladders and piss on each other!

Latino Hunk Asoka Dominates Eric with Piss
on 08.07.11

The roughest sex in this collection comes from Latino sex pig Asoka and twink Eric R. While the duo get down to sucking on each others' big cocks, Asoka fingers Eric's bunghole in preparation for the bumpy ride that's to come. Asoka lubes up and works Eric's butt from behind before flipping him over and lifting him by the legs for some hardcore airborne thrusting! Asoka then puts Eric back down on the bed and works the living daylights out of him side-splitting-style until Eric cums all over his own face! Asoka pees and jacks off fervently over Eric in return.

Ultra-Hung Chad Hunt Paddles the Boyish Corey Cade
on 08.03.11

Chad Hunt welcomes the super-cute Lucas exclusive Corey Cade, who reminisces about his frat boy days. Chad helps him reenact some of his past by paddling his smooth butt. Corey takes the wallops and begs for more. Chad offers him cock and throat-fucks his sweet face. Corey cannot get enough, especially when Chad smacks his red cheeks. Soon Corey's hole is swallowing Chad's impressive prick, and they ride off into ecstasy. Corey moans and breathlessly delivers his load on Chad's tattooed chest. Hunt orders Corey to work his heavy nuts while he rubs out his own juice.

Phillipp Dante Rams Tommy DeLuca with Toys
on 08.03.11

Blond twink Phillipp Dante lets loose about his surprising sexual history -- how about some fisting -- before getting it on with twink cutie Tommy DeLuca. The two well-hung young guys play around with each other, a big dildo, and finally Michael's own big member.

Drew Cutler Dominates Slutty Wet Twink Jake Lyons
from Piss On Me
on 07.31.11

Piss-pup Jake Lyons chokes on Drew Cutler's steady stream of piss, spitting it back onto him and begging for more before filling furry stud Drew's mouth with his own hot piss. Jake goes from choking on piss to choking on dick as Drew's hard cock reams his open throat. As they splash in a puddle of pee, Drew fucks Jake's face before plunging his tongue in between his round butt cheeks. Drew lubes up Jake's tight hole before plunging his thick rod into it, fucking him deep and then pulling out to pee right into Jake's wide open hole. Drew pisses into his own mouth, spitting it into Jake's ass as Jake holds it open for him, waiting for another round of power-fucking. Drew flips Jake onto his back, shoving his cock deep into Jake's hole as Jake pisses into his own mouth. Jake climbs on top so that Drew can drill his ass until he blows his wad. Jake takes one more golden shower before Drew unleashes a full load of cum right into Jake's jizz-hungry mouth and licks Jake's boyish face clean of leftover cum and piss.

Sleazy Pig Johnny Angel Controls Jake Steel
from Piss and Boots
on 07.21.11

Johnny Angel is smitten with the hooded twink Jake Steel, and he can scarcely contain his enthusiasm as he takes a powerful current of piss right in his mouth! Jake goes down on Johnny and like a good slave, pays precious attention to Mr. Angel’s footwear of choice: big black boots. Johnny face-fucks Jake and the two switch blowjobs. Next, Johnny uses Jake’s jockstrap to soak up the mess he’s made and gags him with it , like the bitch deserves. Jake jerks off Johnny with his leather boots and Johnny punishes him with a relentless injection of piss down his sleazy throat! To prepare his bottom for the plowing, Johnny whips out a huge black dildo and forces his way into Jake’s tight boy-hole. Finally he mounts his prey and fucks Jake’s perfect ass until Jake shoots across his rippling abs!

Skanky Shane Frost Services Phillip Aubrey
from Piss and Boots
on 07.19.11

Sculpted blond hunk Phillip Aubrey strides into his piss pen loaded and ready like a supersoaker! He immediately pulls his impressive cock out of his blue latex shorts and opens up a full urinary assault on the submissive and thirsty Shane Frost! Shane takes this bitter beverage as an appetizer to slurp and scarf down Phillip’s rock hard bone, a favor which Phillip returns, before Shane drops to his knees for some skanky boot worship. He splish-splashes in a pool of piss, using it to disinfect Phillip’s filthy leather boots. Phillip throws Shane face-down in the muck in order to inspect his piss-soaked asshole with his tongue. It’s time for round two, and he pisses at him right in the face before penetrating him with his hose. The two piss and fuck like dirty animals until Phillip jizzes all over Shane’s mouth, and plays with Shane’s nipples until he erupts like a fountain!

Blond Slut Logan Stevens and Dirty AJ Irons Fuck
from Piss and Boots
on 07.18.11

Filthy-minded Logan Stevens immediately begins hosing down the hot and toned AJ Irons with his impressive dick, getting him right where it counts in his face and his mouth. AJ loves the way Logan's piss tastes and uses is as a lubricant for his master's heavy black leather boots. He licks them clean and disinfects them with Logan's own refuse, before giving his enormous erection some much-needed mouth attention. Dirty Logan spanks and rims AJ with relish, and then AJ rewards him with a steaming hot urine facial! The two bursting wet piss pigs continue their wet and wild party until Logan bends AJ over for some hardcore fucking action! The muscular newcomer AJ flips Logan to give him a taste of his own beefy medicine. AJ pounds Logan's milky white ass until he erupts in his own milky white way across Logan's face!

Jack MacCarthy Double-Penetrates Slutty Murphy Maxwell
from Piss Gods
on 06.27.11

Toned and scruffy Jack MacCarthy comes across the tattooed twink bottom Murphy Maxwell and immediately shoves his cock down his expansive throat. Murphy greedily swallows Jacks girth like an obedient boy, before turning the tables and engaging his new friend in a mutual suckfest. After Jack prods, slurps, and fingers Murphys tight hole, things take a turn for the kink. Some hot doggy-style fucking paves the way for an enema, before Jack grabs for the nearest phallic object (in this case, a water bottle) with which to fuck the submissive slut. Soon hes double-penetrating him with a dildo and his own cock. The chaos crescendos with the two spewing cum across each others face in this full-tilt freak fest from the international romp, Rafael in Paris!

Master Michael Lucas Degrades Slave Jake Brentwood
from Piss!
on 06.10.11

Micheal Lucas unleashes an enormous stream of piss all over bathing toy boy Jake Brentwoods mouth and chest. Micheal gets to know Jake a little better when Jake gives him a nice hummer. Micheal returns the favor by blowing Jakes meaty pecker. Hot toe sucking and anal fingering fogs up the scene. Micheal spreads Jakes legs and begins drilling his butthole right before Jake mounts and rides him. Michael makes Jake spread his asshole open right taking a huge piss all over him again. Jake finishes off as Micheal fucks the shit out of his ass and Micheal gets his cum slurped up by Jake.

Twinks Jay Adams and Rob Marquis get Sloppy
from Piss!
on 06.09.11

This scene starts with the two young heartthrobs making out, but quickly stripping off all their clothes. After a sloppy blow job, Rob lays on the couch and lets the yellow stuff stream all over his toned and tanned body. Jay joins in and unleashes a heavy flow over the piss slut. Rob then bends over and lets Jay ram his bubble butt, moaning and spewing filthy talk throughout. They interrupt the action once again, only so Rob can drink from Robs fat cock. The two finish with thick cum strands in Robs mouth.

Michael Lucas Covers Anton Abramov in Piss
from Piss!
on 06.08.11

Michael Lucas starts the scene by pissing a heavy stream all over Russian stud Antons face and mouth. Michael leans down to kiss his urine soaked face. The sex continues on the bed, with Anton slurping at Michaels fat rod. The saliva soaked blowjob is followed by Anton bending over to take Michaels 10 uncut inches, loving the meat up his tight hole. Anton sits on Michaels cock, getting rammed and enjoying every moment.

Josh Dean Bathes Tyler Grant in Urine
from Piss!
on 06.07.11

Skinny boy Tyler draws a warm bath, only to be followed in by muscle hunk Josh Dean. The mature man lets loose with a hot torrent of piss all over Tyler's body and mouth, and then fills his smooth creamy ass with water for an enema. The twink then bends over and lets Josh ram his fat boner into his hole. The two move the action to the sink, when Tyler creams himself, followed by Josh cumming directly into Tyler's mouth, followed by Tyler drinking all of Josh's piss!

Murphy Maxwell, Andrew James Sr., and Nick Love
from Piss Sluts!
on 05.26.11

Stud Andrew James binds Murphy Maxwell to a chair, in only his jockstrap. With some forceful direction from James, he swallows Nick Loves stiffening tool. Soon he is sucking both his captors hung dicks and being doused in shiny piss. They all get hot and horny in this three-way suck and piss-fest!

Andrew James Sr. and Kain Warn
from Piss Sluts!
on 05.23.11

James immediately takes control and plows pierced stud Warns eager mouth. After some deep throat fucking, the steamy duo engage in some sexy and wet 69ing, ass-pounding, and spit swapping. Warn gets soaked with piss before having James load sprayed all over his face.

Wild Water Sports with Aaron Mark and Peto Coast
from Urine Fist Fest
on 01.21.11

These nasty pigs couldn't wait a single moment to get into the action. The scene starts with open mouthed Peto Coast on the floor waiting for Aaron Mark to let loose a deluge of his hot warm piss. After squeezing out all that he can, Aaron goes to town on Peto's massive uncut cock and gets a taste of his own piss medicine. The guys kiss and suck until Peto decides he wants a taste of Aaron's smooth mouth-watering hole. When Peto feels the urge to let loose again, he showers Aaron's back and ass with that beautiful warm liquid and gets right back to work on his ass. Aaron's gorgeous muscular butt proves to be too tempting for Peto so after getting a good taste, he shoves his cock into Aaron’s tight muscle ass. While Aaron rides Peto’s fat uncut prick, he drenches Peto in more of his warm piss. Just when you thought Aaron was completely drained, he once again feeds Peto's unquenchable thirst for piss. When the guys are finally drained, Peto fucks the cum right out of Aaron and then shoots his own load all over Aaron. Make sure you catch every drop of these dirty piss freaks as they try to satisfy there insatiable thirst.