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Lucas Scenes » Behind the scenes

Worshipping A Pissing Cock
from Soaked In Piss
on 10.31.19

Louis Ricaute may look like a big bad boy, but when he’s presented with Max Arion’s beautiful, uncut cock flopping around ready to piss all over him, he drops to his knees, opens his mouth, and wait for his reward. Also featured are Max Cameron, Jackson Fillmore, Viktor Rom, Ken Summers, Alex Kof, Bulrog, Leo Forte, Rex Cameron, Sean Xavier, Brian Bonds, Josh Milk, Max Schutler, and Dmitry Osten.

The 'Thirsty' Boys Work Hard for Cum Behind the Scenes
from Thirsty!
on 02.28.09

The hot and horny gay pornstars of 'Thirsty' work hard for their money -- that means putting in an honest day's work milking each other for as much hot and gooey gay cum they can manage to squirt! This exclusive behind-the-scenes breaks down each scene, giving a never-before-seen look that was once only available on the DVD extras! Don't miss out on this XXX clip now!

The Cum-Hungry Hot Guys of 'Swallow' Behind the Scenes
from Swallow!
on 02.27.09

It's not all fun and games for the sexy European men of 'Swallow.' A lot of work goes into getting these hot gay pornstars filmed and photographed just right before they offer up the best reward possible -- their white, hot cum! Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage now only on Lucas Raunch!