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Lucas Scenes » Armpits

Apolo Adrii, Sergeant Miles, Roque Rems | Armpits And Foot Play
on 01.19.23

Many of the Lucas Men have different kinds of fetishes that are explored on Lucas Raunch, but few are as open and willing as Sergeant Miles. He can be a real pig and get into all kinds of dirty sex with his partners. In his threesome with the handsome Apolo Adrii and the sex-fueled Roque Rems, they all got into some fun and intense armpit worship and even some foot worshipping and toe kissing!

Rocco Steele and Drew Sumrok: Rough Raw Fucking and Armpit Worship
on 10.16.14

Drew Sumrok, while enjoying some versatility in his sex life, does ultimately prefer taking a cock up his ass bareback. When he was asked to stop over and fuck for us on camera he had a full schedule and didn’t think he could make it. When we mentioned it would be Rocco Steele topping him, Drew decided to rearrange his schedule a bit without a peep of complaint. Rocco has a cock unparalleled in the gay porn industry: it’s huge, pretty, and everybody wants a bite! Aside from that, why not let the footage speak for itself.

B.J. Rhubarb, Nigel Banks, and Cam Christou: Armpit Action
on 08.07.14

Nigel Banks has never looked hotter than he does in this scene: he settles back on a couch of Lucas Entertainment with two other hot guys who compliment his good looks: B.J. Rhubarb and Cam Christou. This is a scene all about messing and fooling around. Nigel and B.J. have a sizzling make out scene while Cam moves in and starts sucking Nigel’s beautiful cock. However, B.J. wants in on the action and wraps his lips around Nigel’s meat as Cam buries his face into Nigel’s armpits!

Fernando Torres Gives Special Attention to Valentino Medici's Manly Pits
on 02.20.14

It takes a special man to arouse raunchy desire in Fernando Torres, but when he laid eyes on Valentino Medici he couldn't help himself. Valentino is a sex god from Spain, and when you see him flex and display his body, he will drive you wild. He certainly can't keep Fernando off of him -- they mess around their own bodies in black jock straps before Fernando calls for Valentino so he can bathe the hunk's armpits with his tongue and lips!

Ryan Raz, Andrew James Jr., and Tonie Michael
from Piss Sluts!
on 05.25.11

Andrew James and Tonie Michael begin by licking Ryan Razs ripe armpits. They soon move down his toned torso to his hardening tool, but everyone shares each others big dicks in this scene. The action gets even hotter as Michael and Raz tag team a loudly moaning James, filling him from both ends. He can clearly not get enough cock or cum, and swallows both hung tops creamy loads. They then cover him with their hot piss.

Armpit Worship: Ray Randolf and Divko
from Swallow!
on 11.20.09

Hunky Ray Randolf and svelte Divko explore each others lips and bodies with their tongues, giving special attention to their armpits. Ray licks his way down until his mouth is wrapped around Divkos cock before standing up to let Divko go at his big meat. He straddles Divkos face and humps away as he goes back to sucking Divkos cock. He continues down to Divkos smooth hole and slobbers all over it and stretching it out with his fingers. After the warmup, he plunges his big dick into the tight boyhole. Divkos sphincter is stretched to its limits until Ray pulls out to blow his load in Divkos waiting mouth, causing him to spray his own load all over himself!

Ben Andrews and Tommy Deluca
on 11.20.09

Brothers Reunion: Tommy Deluca starts by feasting on Ben Andrews famous cock and sucking his toes with great enthusiasm. Ben finds an enormous butt-plug and pushes it deep into Tommys smooth hole. Once the toy pops out, Tommy replaces it with his own fist, probing his insides until Ben pushes his fat member in. Tommy bounces on Bens big shaft until he cant take anymore and cums on his own chest. Finally, Ben jizzes all over Tommys innocent face and mouth and Tommy licks his dick clean, followed by a hot and sticky make-out session.

Danny Delta and Michael Lucas
on 11.19.09

Twinky Danny Delta sucks down each of Michael Lucas toes before deep throating Michael's entire uncut sword. Michael then takes Dannys cock and ass hole and eats them up simultaneously, showing no mercy. Michael pumps Danny's ass full of air, followed by Michael plowing Danny's tight ass like a crazed jackhammer. The two finish off by shooting huge loads of each others man juice onto their hot bods.

Issac Conn and Jason Crew
on 11.19.09

Cuties Issac Conn and Jason Crew drool over each others chests before Jason sucks off Issac's wet sausage and then flips him over to taste his ring pop. Isaac returns the favor by blowing Jasons cock off and devours his ass out with a furious hunger. Jason and Issac fuck each others brains out on the pools deck, finishing each other with thick creamy loads.