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Lucas Scenes » Feet

Colton Grey Discovering His Love of Feet with Adam Killian
on 04.10.14

In this bonus Lucas Raunch scene, Colton Grey discovers his love for foot worship with the mega porn star Adam Killian. But Colton is having a hard time deciding which he is enjoying more -- licking his partner's feet, or having all of his own feet given tender, love, and care as he kicks back and enjoys all of the attention!

Nova Rubio and Drew Sumrok Pound and Play with Jed Athens' Feet
on 04.08.14

Oh, Jed Athens, when will you ever learn? He's always craving more and more sex. He loves a cock in his mouth and a dick up his ass, and here he takes two guys at once: Drew Sumrok and Marco Rubio. As the pound Jed's ass they play with his fee... what more could anyone ask for???

Jed Athens Uses His Feet to Jerk Off Hot Rod's Massive Black Dick
from Foot Fuckers
on 01.23.14

Jed Athens is no stranger to Hot Rod and the massive black dick he has between his legs. Hot Rod is a top thug who loves receiving pleasure, and in this scene he uses his feet to jerk off Hot Rod's cock! It only makes sense: bigger feet to pleasure a bigger cock! But more than that, Hot Rod uses his toes to fuck Jed Athens -- he's so talented at it he should consider taking up soccer!

Draven Torres Gives Fabio Stallone a Long and Erotic Foot Massage
from Foot Fuckers
on 01.09.14

During an intimate bathtub rubdown, Fabio Stallone and Draven Torres settle in the water. Fabio is a little tense, so he seats himself on the edge of the tub and presents his feat to Draven. Draven gives Fabio a relaxing and erotic foot massage, working the muscular stud's soles, ankles, and toes with his hands, mouth, and tongue!

Blond Twink Justin Cruise Tastes Michael Lucas' Feet
from Name Your Fetish
on 11.14.13

It’s been a long time since Lucas Raunch has released a video showcasing the masculine feet of its sex stars, and who better to bring the foot fetish back than Michael Lucas himself, and he’s using the mouth of Russian blond twink Justin Cruise to kiss and lick his toes! After Michael is finished with Justin, Lucas Entertainment’s favorite black hunk Sean Xavier spends some time in the sixty-nine position with Drake Jaden. No, they aren’t sucking cock. They are sucking toes!

Raunchy Guys Antonio Biaggi and Ramon Rinaldi Worship Feet and Suck Toes
on 04.05.12

In the past Ramon Rinaldi has submitted his ass to power top and raunch king Antonio Biaggi for intense piss play followed by a deep fucking. But in this never-before-seen tribute to slow, passionate foot worship, we see Ramon and Antonio as equals while they handle and smother their faces in one another’s feet. The focus first settles on Antonio showing Ramon’s deep attention by gripping and smelling his feet before taking a taste with his eager lips and anxious tongue. But Ramon soon takes over as he grabs Antonio by the ankles and hoists the Latin hunk’s feet high into the air. Once they’re hoisted to an elevation of worship, Ramon smothers Antonio’s feet in kisses and nurses on his toes with hungry lips. They finish each other off with a 69, but it’s feet and toes they are sucking -- not their huge cocks!

Pigs Jonathan Agassi and Jessie Colter Piss, Fist, and Fuck with Feet
from Urine Ibiza
on 01.19.12

In a heated grunt, gay porn’s favorite power-bottom Jessie Colter gives Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi a direct order: “I want your piss in my mouth!” Jonathan does just that, squirting a heavy stream of piss directly at Jessie. Excited, Jessie delivers the same, hot and steaming river of urine on Jonathan as he’s kneeling down before Jessie, mouth open and ready to slurp and even swallow! But the piss is foreplay as far as these two are concerned; after they’re done with the initial debauchery, Jonathan starts working on Jessie’s famous ass, getting it ready to mount. Jonathan hops on and starts riding Jessie like a beast -- the bottom moans, grunts, and howls like he never has before with each pounding thrust Jonathan delivers. To rinse off their sweat, these two hot guys get ready for round two of piss before Jonathan pulls Jessie into some really raunchy sex. First Jonathan wraps Jessie foot in a condom and takes a seat, and then Jonathan greases up his own fist. Like a magic trick, first we see Jonathan’s fist, and then we don’t. Jessie’s face scrunches up in pleasure and pain as Jonathan works his hand into Jessie’s rectum! There’s even a surprise towards the end of a handing working its way into Jonathan -- but whose is it?

Uncut Canadian Pornstar Gabriel Lenfant Worships Male Feet and Sucks Toes
on 12.22.11

Hot, gay Canadian pornstar Gabriel Lenfant finds a random guy off the streets named Nicolas Dawn, strips off his shoes and socks, and digs into the hot guys ripe feet and toes. Gabriel is exploiting the man for his foot fetish -- he doesn’t even bother showing his face on camera! Gabriel uses his lips and tongue to worship Nicolas’ male feet and gets so excited from the fetish play that he strips off his shirt and undoes his pants. Gabriel manipulates Nicolas’ feet, running them along his toned and worked out chest before lubing up and using them to jerk of his cock. Gabriel’s foreskin and shaft are treated to a rough foot-job: the Canadian hunk even fucks Nicolas’ feet!

Big Feet and Fat Cocks!
on 11.03.11

Cavin Knight is bedded against a drop backdrop: he’s wearing on his tight, white briefs and is rubbing his large, masculine feet together. The man to worship them is none other than Tristan Jaxx, who takes great care as he licks Cavin's feet and sucks his toes, When he’s done, Cavin's toes are glistening with Tristan’s saliva. As Tristan finishes with his foot worship, Braxton Bond moves into his role with great vigor praise the feet of Cezar Dior as if they were idols. Cezar loves all of the attention -- he can’t stop smiling as Braxton (a passionate bottom) services his feet. If there is one guy who is into worshipping feet as much as Braxton, it’s muscular stud Joey Milano, who treats the feet of Parker London to a tongue bath. Parker is in heaven: he’s sprawled out on a bed as Joey moves from foot to foot. In fact, Joey gets so hard and excited that he uses Parker’s feet to jerk off his dick!

Slender Men and Slippery Toes!
on 09.15.11

Steven Daigle has an adorable and alluring face, but that’s not what the hot, hairy-chested Conner Habib is fixated on. It's Steven’s feet he wants! Once Conner is done kissing Steven’s lips, he lifts up his legs and admires Steven feet and toes with his slippery tongue. Steven gets worked up himself, so the two lie down and have some serious action the other others feet. Afterwards, we learn quickly that Win Solder and James Jones are only interested in each others feet. They don’t even bother stripping off their white boxer-brief! At first, they take their slow and intimate time worshipping each other socks and toes. But as they both get hotter and harder, they 60, sucking each others toes as if they were rock-hard dicks!

Michael Lucas Sucks Colby Mitchell's Feet
on 08.14.11

Michael Lucas isn't just interested in hammering away at bottom boy Colby Mitchell: he even sucks on his scene partner's feet and toes in this hot gay porn scene from the "Auditions" line!

Dominant Top Vin Nolan Surrenders His Feet to Marcelo Masko
on 08.14.11

Tatooed, Colombian decorator Marcelo Masko and photographer Vin Nolan immediately show their kinkier sides, engaging in some prolonged pit licking and nipple play. By the time their pants come off, the two are already hard and ready for some face fucking and ball licking. Masko then moves on to Nolan's hairy ass while also making some time to inhale his cock, balls, and lick his feet. The pair then has a slurp-filled 69 filled with dirty talk and multiple positions. As if that wasn't enough, Nolan then pounds and spanks Masko's furry ass to the sounds of Masko's appreciative groans. Nolan shoots his wad into Masko's wide-stretched mouth, after which Masko vocally shoots all over his furry stomach in this rough gay porn scene.

Leather Licking and Toe Sucking!
on 08.11.11

It’s a fact that the rugged Drew Cutler and the baby-faced Jake Lyons have genuine chemistry with one another. They worked (and fucked) together already in “Piss on Me,” and here in “FOOT ACTION!” they’re paired up once again. Drew, with his stern and masculine good looks, is once again in charge, thrusting his booted foot in the face of a crawling Jake, wearing only a jockstrap. Jake worships Drew’s boots, socks, and feet -- but he ultimately gets off on sucking every last one of Drew’s toes! When Jake and Drew are finished, we hook up with Ramon Rinaldi and his buddy, Antonio Biaggi, who both take rock-hard pleasure in passionately making out and switching back and forth for toe-sucking and foot-licking. Jake Lyons once again rounds out the scene by worshiping Michael Lucas’ bare feet and toes before moving his gaping mouth up to his huge, uncut cock!

Beefy Top David Bathory Gets Dirty with Paulo Mickey
on 08.09.11

The studly hotel administrator David Bathory calls in tattooed busboy Paulo Mickey to his office and gets him to suck his dick and feet! The two suck each other in a 69 position and lick each others feet before pony-tailed David fucks Paulo from behind and on the desk! And, as a bonus, they piss on each other

Alex Clark Sucks on Porn King Michael Lucas' Feet
on 08.08.11

Brazilian hunk (and exclusive) Alex Clark is so determined to show Michael Lucas just what he can do that Michael himself pairs up with the sex pig for the ultimate test. Being one of the raunchiest bottoms Lucas has ever auditioned, Clark doesn't hesitate to lick Michael's feet, eat his ass, and sniff his armpits until Michael decides to say enough with the foreplay and pound the toned stud toward a gushing orgasm.

Sleazy Pig Johnny Angel Controls Jake Steel
from Piss and Boots
on 07.21.11

Johnny Angel is smitten with the hooded twink Jake Steel, and he can scarcely contain his enthusiasm as he takes a powerful current of piss right in his mouth! Jake goes down on Johnny and like a good slave, pays precious attention to Mr. Angel’s footwear of choice: big black boots. Johnny face-fucks Jake and the two switch blowjobs. Next, Johnny uses Jake’s jockstrap to soak up the mess he’s made and gags him with it , like the bitch deserves. Jake jerks off Johnny with his leather boots and Johnny punishes him with a relentless injection of piss down his sleazy throat! To prepare his bottom for the plowing, Johnny whips out a huge black dildo and forces his way into Jake’s tight boy-hole. Finally he mounts his prey and fucks Jake’s perfect ass until Jake shoots across his rippling abs!

Filthy Fucking with RJ Alexander and Derrick Hanson
from Piss and Boots
on 07.20.11

Pig pup RJ Alexander has more than his hands full with the muscular and tattooed top Derrick Hanson, he’s got his mouth full too! First, RJ pisses a jetstream of steaming yellow fluid straight down Derrick’s desperate throat, drenching his chest and pierced nipples in his warm shower. He goes down on Derrick’s erect tool and drops into a puddle of his own refuse in order to like master Derrick’s boots clean like a good slave. Derrick flips RJ over to eat his clean, tight, shaved hole. The greedy bitch bottom has a hunger for cock so ferocious it compels him to rock upward toward Derrick’s groin, and Derrick lubes up RJ’s filthy hole with some even filthier room temperature piss. Finally, Derrick jams a jockstrap into RJ’s skanky mouth and pounds his soft, boyish ass from behind like an animal! The two finish off the scene bathed in more of their stick juices, a fitting climax to a festival of filth.

Skanky Shane Frost Services Phillip Aubrey
from Piss and Boots
on 07.19.11

Sculpted blond hunk Phillip Aubrey strides into his piss pen loaded and ready like a supersoaker! He immediately pulls his impressive cock out of his blue latex shorts and opens up a full urinary assault on the submissive and thirsty Shane Frost! Shane takes this bitter beverage as an appetizer to slurp and scarf down Phillip’s rock hard bone, a favor which Phillip returns, before Shane drops to his knees for some skanky boot worship. He splish-splashes in a pool of piss, using it to disinfect Phillip’s filthy leather boots. Phillip throws Shane face-down in the muck in order to inspect his piss-soaked asshole with his tongue. It’s time for round two, and he pisses at him right in the face before penetrating him with his hose. The two piss and fuck like dirty animals until Phillip jizzes all over Shane’s mouth, and plays with Shane’s nipples until he erupts like a fountain!

Blond Slut Logan Stevens and Dirty AJ Irons Fuck
from Piss and Boots
on 07.18.11

Filthy-minded Logan Stevens immediately begins hosing down the hot and toned AJ Irons with his impressive dick, getting him right where it counts in his face and his mouth. AJ loves the way Logan's piss tastes and uses is as a lubricant for his master's heavy black leather boots. He licks them clean and disinfects them with Logan's own refuse, before giving his enormous erection some much-needed mouth attention. Dirty Logan spanks and rims AJ with relish, and then AJ rewards him with a steaming hot urine facial! The two bursting wet piss pigs continue their wet and wild party until Logan bends AJ over for some hardcore fucking action! The muscular newcomer AJ flips Logan to give him a taste of his own beefy medicine. AJ pounds Logan's milky white ass until he erupts in his own milky white way across Logan's face!

Rock-Hard Thug Spencer Reed Fucks Phillip Aubrey Deep
from Fuck Me Hard
on 03.05.10

Chained to the ceiling, blond twink Phillip Aubrey is on perfect display so that muscle top Spencer Reed can inspect his sculpted and boyish ass. After copping several feels on his lucky prisoner, Spencer goes to town on his stiff pole, and then his hungry ass! Unable to leave his own hard cock unattended, Spencer un-tethers Phillip so that he can slurp it with gluttony.  Spencer ties up Phillip’s wrists, bends him over, and fucks the hell out of him, complimenting the boy’s tight ass with his raging tool. Spencer continues to pound Phillip across the room until Phillip finally explodes in a creamy load across his master’s boots.

David Cain and Brent Moon Worship Each Other's Feet
from Swallow!
on 11.20.09

Pretty boy David Cain comes across a scantily-clad Brent as he is cleaning the kitchen and they immediately start sucking on each others tongues. Cock-hungry Brent then drops to his knees and devours the big cock in front of him. After enjoying the slobber session, David moves in to deliver an expert BJ of his own, eventually working his way down to Brents big feet and then back up to his smooth boyhole. Brent bends over to welcome Davids big cock and the two fuck their way onto the countertop. Brent sucks David to a very slippery conclusion before making his own creamy mess all over the kitchen floor.

Armpit Worship: Ray Randolf and Divko
from Swallow!
on 11.20.09

Hunky Ray Randolf and svelte Divko explore each others lips and bodies with their tongues, giving special attention to their armpits. Ray licks his way down until his mouth is wrapped around Divkos cock before standing up to let Divko go at his big meat. He straddles Divkos face and humps away as he goes back to sucking Divkos cock. He continues down to Divkos smooth hole and slobbers all over it and stretching it out with his fingers. After the warmup, he plunges his big dick into the tight boyhole. Divkos sphincter is stretched to its limits until Ray pulls out to blow his load in Divkos waiting mouth, causing him to spray his own load all over himself!

Filthy After-School Sex: Adriano Cassano and Steve Holmes
from Thirsty!
on 11.20.09

Hunky fratboy Adriano is studying in the hallway when a shirtless Steve Holmes wanders by, ready to distract and conquer. In no time, Adriano has his hands and tongue on Steves cock, then sheds his clothes and sits on the desk so Steve can teach him how to really suck a cock. Adriano pulls out a big black dildo and shoves it deep inside Steves hungry hole to prep him for a hard fucking with his fat cock. Adriano shoots a geyser of jizz all over Steves face as he blows his own load on himself. They both shift to the bathtub where Adriano washes the cum off of Steves body with his piss.

Dirty, Sleazy Sex: Renato Belaggio and Ted Potter
from Thirsty!
on 11.20.09

Boyish beauty Ted is sleeping when tattooed hunk Renato discovers his vulnerable twink body. Ted wakes to discover Renato sucking on his toes and eagerly repays the favor by choking down Renatos big dick. Mid-suck, Ted is surprised with a mouth full of piss and just keeps going back for more. The two sixty-nine, then Ted straddles Renato for the ride of his life. After some hardcore fucking, Renato pulls out and lubes up his speculum to stretch out Teds hole and give him one last healthy dose of piss deep inside. He finishes off spraying his load in Teds mouth and watching him suck down every drop while Ted strokes out his own creamy load!

Piss, Farts, and Toys with Nick Capra and Jason Crew
from FARTS!
on 11.20.09

Nick Capra lets loose with a stream of piss directly into Jason Crew's mouth. Jason cant control himself and starts to pee all over himself and Nick Capra's torso. Nick bends Jason over and pumps him up with an enema of air, farting right into Nicks face. Jason's ass is then filled with water, and Nick guzzles the tasty juice from his ass. Nick rinses Jasons hole off with more piss, and then nuzzles his pits while Jason licks his toes. Nick then proceeds to fuck Jason's well-used butt.

Danny Delta and Michael Lucas
on 11.19.09

Twinky Danny Delta sucks down each of Michael Lucas toes before deep throating Michael's entire uncut sword. Michael then takes Dannys cock and ass hole and eats them up simultaneously, showing no mercy. Michael pumps Danny's ass full of air, followed by Michael plowing Danny's tight ass like a crazed jackhammer. The two finish off by shooting huge loads of each others man juice onto their hot bods.

Jacob Samson and Jason Sparks
on 11.19.09

Jason Sparks feasts on jock stud Jacobs cock, feet, and asshole. They move over to the bed where they get more comfortable by 69ing each other. Jacob shreds Jason's asshole, Jason cums all over his stomach, and Jacob proceeds with busting on Jason's mouth.

Issac Conn and Jason Crew
on 11.19.09

Cuties Issac Conn and Jason Crew drool over each others chests before Jason sucks off Issac's wet sausage and then flips him over to taste his ring pop. Isaac returns the favor by blowing Jasons cock off and devours his ass out with a furious hunger. Jason and Issac fuck each others brains out on the pools deck, finishing each other with thick creamy loads.

Feasting on Socks with Ridge Michaels and Angel Rivera
from Feet!
on 11.18.09

Tattooed stud Ridge Michaels passionately kisses Latino cutie Angel Rivera, then works his way down and feasts on his socked foot. Ridge continues the action by rubbing his foot all over Angels undies, then slides his toes into his partners face. Ridges foot is replaced by his tongue, then the two finish undressing and Ridge pounds Angels tight ass to an explosive finish on Angels socks!

Hugo Alexander and Michael Lucas Worship Feet
from Feet!
on 11.18.09

Michael Lucas and Hugo Alexander start their scene by making out and stroking each others fat dicks. Michael then leans back and lets Hugo suck on his big feet, then the two switch roles and Michael takes a mouthful of toes. A foot 69 ensues, with each stud rubbing their boners with their partners gigantic arches. After extensive foot play, Michael blows a thick load all over Hugos feet!