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Lucas Scenes » Feet

Foot Worship And Double Penetration Starring Joaquin Santana
on 09.09.21

Joaquin Santana is not the type of guy to say no to some serious anal punishment, and that is what he's about to get on Lucas Raunch! First of all, if you're a fan of feet and foot worship, there's plenty of attention to feet here among Joaquin and his lovers Pol Prince, Rafael Carreras, and Marco Antonio. And when everything is hot and ready to do, the Cuban Rafael and the Venezuelan Marco double-penetration Joaquin Santana's ass wide open!

Andrey Vic Worships Drake Roger's Feet
on 10.14.20

Andrey Vic gives Drake Rogers one good and hard fucking, and in this Lucas Raunch outtake, he takes his time worshipping Drake's manly feet before ramming him in his anus.

Foot Worship Starring Dakota Payne, Louis Ricaute, And Victor D'Angelo
on 09.17.20

Victor D'Angelo and Louis Ricaute get into for worship as they take turns using Dakota Payne as a personal sex toy in this Lucas Raunch outtake.

Allen King Worships Max Arion's Feet
on 08.05.20

Max Arion and Allen King are too of Lucas Entertainment's all-star models, and seeing them together is a cum-dripping experience! In this Lucas Raunch outtake, Allen King takes his time worshipping Max Arion's feet before moving on to his cock and offering his ass for an unforgiving anal pounding (which can be seen in full on Lucas Entertainment).

Mario Domenech Foot-Fucks Ibrahim Moreno
on 04.01.20

One of the reasons why Ibrahim Moreno is so popular is because of his beautiful bright smile, his lean and perfectly muscled body, and he has an ass that can take a lot of penetration. While he and the Latino muscle bear Mario Domenech are fucking each other, they suck on each other's feet. Mario also jerks Ibrahim off with his feet for a bit before shoving his foot up Ibrahim Moreno's ass. But Ibrahim is ready for more, so he gets on his back, spreads his legs, and Mario starts drilling his ass with a huge black sex toy!

Sergeant Miles Restrains And Dominates Dakota Payne
on 05.27.19

Dakota Payne excitedly and willingly turns himself over to Sergeant Miles to be restrained and dominated in this Lucas Raunch encounter. Sergeant is wearing a Fort Troff harness and jockstrap to accentuate his rugged and muscular military body; the gear makes him look extra good as he straps down Dakota to the bed using Fort Troff restraints. Dakota's cock is concealed in a Fort Troff jockstrap, too, and it's left there until Sergeant decides it's time to tease and play with Dakota's erection. While Dakota Payne is restrained, it's his job to please all of Sergeant Miles' sexual needs, including eating his ass and sucking his feet. Soon after, Sergeant starts teasing Dakota's hole with a big black dildo before full-on fucking him with it!

Manuel Skye And Andre Donovan Fist Ian Greene
on 03.20.19

Ian Greene is more than just a hot gay dude who likes to bottom: he loves having his ass torn up by a dominant top, and when there are two, well, Ian is up to the challenge! Manuel Skye and and Andre Donovan team up on his ass and open him up with some wrist-deep fisting, all of which leads to Ian showing off his rosebud! Ian also offers up his feet to Andre Donovan, who loves to lick feet and suck toes!

James Castle and Josh Rider | Fucking With Feet
on 05.19.16

James Castle loves feet, especially when he shoves them up a guy's ass and gets his beautifully thick uncut British cock jerked off with a nice pair. That's why he and Josh Rider have so much fun in this foot-fetich scene!

Michael Lucas Works Over Stas Landon's Feet
on 05.19.16

In this encounter from "Raw From Russia," Michael Lucas and Stas Landon both take some time to enjoy each other's feet sexually while Michael fucks his Russian bottom up the ass with his 10-inch uncut Russian cock!

Rafael Lords And Sergeant Miles | Feet And Armpit Play
on 02.04.16

While filming their bareback sex scene together on Fire Island, Sergeant Miles and Rafael Lords took a break from the raw fucking action to indulge their feet and armpit fetishes. Check out what they got into!

Dolf Dietrich Jerks His Cock With Rafael Lords' Feet
on 12.10.15

It's not always about fellatio and anal penetration. Sure, that's a big part of it, but Dolf Dietrich has a raunchy side that caught sight of Rafael Lords' feet. An idea came about: why not use them to jerk off his hard cock in between fucking him on Fire Island? Check out this Lucas Raunch outtake to see what happened.

Caleb Daniels Jerks His Dick With Xavier Jacobs And Cam Christou's Feet
on 11.25.15

Do Xavier Jacobs and Cam Christou ever get enough? After the sun sets over Fire Island, Xavier and Cam snuck away with Caleb Daniels so he could jerk off his dick with with their feet! A nice touch in this encounter is seeing Caleb's muscles flex as he's thrusting between Xavier Jacobs' feet.

Max Cameron Jerks Off Leo Alexander With His Feet
on 10.01.15

Max Cameron and Leo Alexander make an awesome pairing, and in this outtake we get to see Max Cameron use his feet to play with Leo Alexander's massive cock!

Taye Knight Admires And Plays With Christopher Daniels' Feet
on 06.11.15

In this featurette taken from "Raw Passion," we get to see Taye Knight indulge a little bit of his foot fetish. Christopher Daniels doesn't seem to mind at all -- just look at that smile through the clip!

Colton Grey Discovering His Love of Feet with Adam Killian
on 04.10.14

In this bonus Lucas Raunch scene, Colton Grey discovers his love for foot worship with the mega porn star Adam Killian. But Colton is having a hard time deciding which he is enjoying more -- licking his partner's feet, or having all of his own feet given tender, love, and care as he kicks back and enjoys all of the attention!

Nova Rubio and Drew Sumrok Pound and Play with Jed Athens' Feet
on 04.08.14

Oh, Jed Athens, when will you ever learn? He's always craving more and more sex. He loves a cock in his mouth and a dick up his ass, and here he takes two guys at once: Drew Sumrok and Marco Rubio. As the pound Jed's ass they play with his fee... what more could anyone ask for???

Seth Treston Worships Michael Lucas' Feet
from Foot Fuckers
on 04.03.14

Seth Treston takes a break and stretches out on a sofa with Michael Lucas on the opposite end, where they take some time to enjoy each others feet. Seth in partiuclar takes time to single out each and every one of Michael's toes with his lips while massaging the whole of his feet.

Jed Athens Uses His Feet to Jerk Off Hot Rod's Massive Black Dick
from Foot Fuckers
on 01.23.14

Jed Athens is no stranger to Hot Rod and the massive black dick he has between his legs. Hot Rod is a top thug who loves receiving pleasure, and in this scene he uses his feet to jerk off Hot Rod's cock! It only makes sense: bigger feet to pleasure a bigger cock! But more than that, Hot Rod uses his toes to fuck Jed Athens -- he's so talented at it he should consider taking up soccer!

Draven Torres Gives Fabio Stallone a Long and Erotic Foot Massage
from Foot Fuckers
on 01.09.14

During an intimate bathtub rubdown, Fabio Stallone and Draven Torres settle in the water. Fabio is a little tense, so he seats himself on the edge of the tub and presents his feat to Draven. Draven gives Fabio a relaxing and erotic foot massage, working the muscular stud's soles, ankles, and toes with his hands, mouth, and tongue!

Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Suck Each Other's Feet
from Name Your Fetish
on 11.28.13

Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens return to Lucas Raunch, but this time they are not strutting their stuff in stockings -- they are instead admiring each others feet and toes, and what better way to do this but with their hands, lips, and tongues? It's not just Chris and Jeremy -- once they are finished, Shay and Dominic Pacifico do the same, and so does Michael Lucas and Franco Ferarri! It's been a long time since Lucas Raunch has returned to the foot fetish, so if you love feet don't miss this scene!

Blond Twink Justin Cruise Tastes Michael Lucas' Feet
from Name Your Fetish
on 11.14.13

It’s been a long time since Lucas Raunch has released a video showcasing the masculine feet of its sex stars, and who better to bring the foot fetish back than Michael Lucas himself, and he’s using the mouth of Russian blond twink Justin Cruise to kiss and lick his toes! After Michael is finished with Justin, Lucas Entertainment’s favorite black hunk Sean Xavier spends some time in the sixty-nine position with Drake Jaden. No, they aren’t sucking cock. They are sucking toes!

Raunchy Guys Antonio Biaggi and Ramon Rinaldi Worship Feet and Suck Toes
on 04.05.12

In the past Ramon Rinaldi has submitted his ass to power top and raunch king Antonio Biaggi for intense piss play followed by a deep fucking. But in this never-before-seen tribute to slow, passionate foot worship, we see Ramon and Antonio as equals while they handle and smother their faces in one another’s feet. The focus first settles on Antonio showing Ramon’s deep attention by gripping and smelling his feet before taking a taste with his eager lips and anxious tongue. But Ramon soon takes over as he grabs Antonio by the ankles and hoists the Latin hunk’s feet high into the air. Once they’re hoisted to an elevation of worship, Ramon smothers Antonio’s feet in kisses and nurses on his toes with hungry lips. They finish each other off with a 69, but it’s feet and toes they are sucking -- not their huge cocks!

Pigs Jonathan Agassi and Jessie Colter Piss, Fist, and Fuck with Feet
from Urine Ibiza
on 01.19.12

In a heated grunt, gay porn’s favorite power-bottom Jessie Colter gives Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi a direct order: “I want your piss in my mouth!” Jonathan does just that, squirting a heavy stream of piss directly at Jessie. Excited, Jessie delivers the same, hot and steaming river of urine on Jonathan as he’s kneeling down before Jessie, mouth open and ready to slurp and even swallow! But the piss is foreplay as far as these two are concerned; after they’re done with the initial debauchery, Jonathan starts working on Jessie’s famous ass, getting it ready to mount. Jonathan hops on and starts riding Jessie like a beast -- the bottom moans, grunts, and howls like he never has before with each pounding thrust Jonathan delivers. To rinse off their sweat, these two hot guys get ready for round two of piss before Jonathan pulls Jessie into some really raunchy sex. First Jonathan wraps Jessie foot in a condom and takes a seat, and then Jonathan greases up his own fist. Like a magic trick, first we see Jonathan’s fist, and then we don’t. Jessie’s face scrunches up in pleasure and pain as Jonathan works his hand into Jessie’s rectum! There’s even a surprise towards the end of a handing working its way into Jonathan -- but whose is it?

Uncut Canadian Pornstar Gabriel Lenfant Worships Male Feet and Sucks Toes
on 12.22.11

Hot, gay Canadian pornstar Gabriel Lenfant finds a random guy off the streets named Nicolas Dawn, strips off his shoes and socks, and digs into the hot guys ripe feet and toes. Gabriel is exploiting the man for his foot fetish -- he doesn’t even bother showing his face on camera! Gabriel uses his lips and tongue to worship Nicolas’ male feet and gets so excited from the fetish play that he strips off his shirt and undoes his pants. Gabriel manipulates Nicolas’ feet, running them along his toned and worked out chest before lubing up and using them to jerk of his cock. Gabriel’s foreskin and shaft are treated to a rough foot-job: the Canadian hunk even fucks Nicolas’ feet!

Big Feet and Fat Cocks!
on 11.03.11

Cavin Knight is bedded against a drop backdrop: he’s wearing on his tight, white briefs and is rubbing his large, masculine feet together. The man to worship them is none other than Tristan Jaxx, who takes great care as he licks Cavin's feet and sucks his toes, When he’s done, Cavin's toes are glistening with Tristan’s saliva. As Tristan finishes with his foot worship, Braxton Bond moves into his role with great vigor praise the feet of Cezar Dior as if they were idols. Cezar loves all of the attention -- he can’t stop smiling as Braxton (a passionate bottom) services his feet. If there is one guy who is into worshipping feet as much as Braxton, it’s muscular stud Joey Milano, who treats the feet of Parker London to a tongue bath. Parker is in heaven: he’s sprawled out on a bed as Joey moves from foot to foot. In fact, Joey gets so hard and excited that he uses Parker’s feet to jerk off his dick!

Burly Dudes and Manly Feet!
on 10.06.11

Alessio Romero and Dirk Caber find their way to one another once again. These two burly studs first sucked and fucked each other in “Eye Contact,” but now there only interested in feet! Dirk begins the session with deep and slippery toe worship, and the stoically handsome Alessio loves every second of it. Soon after, Alessio returns the favor as they lick each other’s feet at the same time! Once the studs are through, we meet Brandon Steel and Black Angel. Brandon Steel possesses youthful good looks, and Black Angel has sexy mocha skin. Their admiration for each other’s feet is intense: they have a saucy 69 session before Black Angel pulls out his thick, black cock and uses Brandon's feet to jerk it off. He gets so excited that he busts his load all over Brandon's face and mouth!

Slender Men and Slippery Toes!
on 09.15.11

Steven Daigle has an adorable and alluring face, but that’s not what the hot, hairy-chested Conner Habib is fixated on. It's Steven’s feet he wants! Once Conner is done kissing Steven’s lips, he lifts up his legs and admires Steven feet and toes with his slippery tongue. Steven gets worked up himself, so the two lie down and have some serious action the other others feet. Afterwards, we learn quickly that Win Solder and James Jones are only interested in each others feet. They don’t even bother stripping off their white boxer-brief! At first, they take their slow and intimate time worshipping each other socks and toes. But as they both get hotter and harder, they 60, sucking each others toes as if they were rock-hard dicks!

Raunchy Dudes and Ripe Feet!
on 08.25.11

The rugged Latino stud Alessio Romero once again pairs up with the sexy R.J Alexander for some raunchy fun. They first met in “Piss on Me” where they got everyone rock hard with their intense session of golden showers and power-fucking. Here, they once again tear into each other with a deep session of passionate kissing followed by long and deep foot and toe worship. Neither one’s feet are left untouched after their done sniffing, licking, and spitting! Once their finished, we enter the bedroom of Gabe Russell and Brent Soow. These two guys love socks: they both take their time taking deep whiffs of the other’s sock-clad feet, all the while moaning and closing their eyes in ecstasy. Both Gabe Russell and Brent Soow are so into each other that they 69, but not with dick-sucking. Rather, it’s toe-sucking!

Michael Lucas Sucks Colby Mitchell's Feet
on 08.14.11

Michael Lucas isn't just interested in hammering away at bottom boy Colby Mitchell: he even sucks on his scene partner's feet and toes in this hot gay porn scene from the "Auditions" line!

Dominant Top Vin Nolan Surrenders His Feet to Marcelo Masko
on 08.14.11

Tatooed, Colombian decorator Marcelo Masko and photographer Vin Nolan immediately show their kinkier sides, engaging in some prolonged pit licking and nipple play. By the time their pants come off, the two are already hard and ready for some face fucking and ball licking. Masko then moves on to Nolan's hairy ass while also making some time to inhale his cock, balls, and lick his feet. The pair then has a slurp-filled 69 filled with dirty talk and multiple positions. As if that wasn't enough, Nolan then pounds and spanks Masko's furry ass to the sounds of Masko's appreciative groans. Nolan shoots his wad into Masko's wide-stretched mouth, after which Masko vocally shoots all over his furry stomach in this rough gay porn scene.