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Lucas Scenes » Enemas

Dylan Greene Douches For Andre Donavan To Fuck Him Raw
on 05.02.19

The slender and fair-skinned Dylan Greene is quick to turn into an absolute gay sex pig, and Andre Donovan wanted to take full advantage of all Dylan has to offer. Andre shows his aggressive side with Dylan, who submits to Andre's big black cock. Andre likes his boys to be extra clean, and he wants to inspect to make sure that's the situation. So he he has Dylan hop in the bathtub and douches him by hand; he enjoys watching the water squirt out of his ass with filthy pleasure. After Andre is done, he pounds Dylan in his freshly cleaned asshole until the bottom can't take it anymore!

Rimming and Hole Sucking from Porn's Sexiest Men
from Assholes
on 12.13.12

Tate Ryder returns to show off his ass and beautiful puckering hole some more. Will Helm dives into his ass and eats it out, and the two make an amazing couple. Tate Ryder also hooks up with Preston Steel, who isn’t as tender as Will -- he’s much rougher and uses plenty of toys on the bottom boy. Issac Jones also makes another appearance, both with Adrian Long and Damien Crosse. Issac takes turns working over these two favorite porn stars, and he loves every second he’s buried in their asses, not to mention they’re lucky enough to taste Issac’s behind! Bottom boy Dylan Hauser offers his hole to Vito Gallo, who opens it up a bit with his tongue before moving on to his massive monster cock. Lorenzo Star works over Brandon Jones from behind, and Jonathan Agassi and Trenton Ducati round out the ass play with some rimming in the Aegean Sea!

Trenton Ducati Rinses Out Mathew Mason's Hole
from Push It Out
on 09.13.12

Trenton Ducati uses his size to his advantage in the final scene of “Push It Out.” He’s tall, lumbering, and muscular, and he outmatches Mathew Mason in every way. Trenton claims ownership over Mathew’s hole and blasts floods of water into his rectum with his favorite enema bulb. Mathew can barely handle the pressure: he moans and yells with each insertion that Trenton makes into Mathew’s ass. Mathew sucks on Trenton’s cock after the first round of enema shots, but Trenton wants to sample his work so he bends Mathew over and eats him out. When Trenton decides to finally fuck Mathew he rams him without mercy… It’s a good thing he’s so clean!

Draven Torres and Brock Rustin's Wild Watersports
from Push It Out
on 08.30.12

Brock Rustin and Draven Torres make a great couple: they both have a similar build, but their features differ from one another. Brock is a ginger dude: he has a shaved head, but his goatee is all red and his skin is fair. Draven is Latino with dark skin and a wild Mohawk. It’s noticeable both love their tattoos. Brock is the first to whip out his dick from his jockstrap and starts pissing on Draven. Their cocks let loose so much piss they are spouting like fire hydrants. Water coming out of one end isn’t enough, so Brock and Draven bust out an enema bulb and fill each other up with water. The guys suck cock and flip-fuck one another along the way, and when Draven is specifically fucking Brock, the ginger bottom blasts out some enema water whenever Draven pulls out!

Tate Ryder Squirts Ass Water for Trenton Ducati
from Push It Out
on 08.16.12

Trenton Ducati takes control of Tate Ryder from the beginning -- he grabs hold of Tate's ass and shoves an enema bulb straight up into his rectum. Tate holds it for as long as he can and swooshes it around before squirting it out, and the more water Tate lets loose the better! Trenton tests out Tate's colon by seeing how much water he can handle. Once Tate is washed out, the guys set into a hot-and-heavy fuck session, complete with them first sucking off each other's cocks and rimming each other's asses. Spoiler Alert: this scene will give new meaning to "ass-to-mouth" sex play! When Trenton is ready to pound his cock into a tight clean hole, he bends Tate over and gives him a fucking he won't soon forget.

Matt Colmar Sprays Water from His Ass for Leo Rocca
on 07.03.12

In this restored scene that's never been seen before on Lucas Raunch, Leo Rocca's shows us what his ass is capable of launching in this exclusive outtake from 'Barcelona Nights.' He's with his boyfriend Matt Colmar, and it's water sports they have on their minds -- but not pissing. It's all about enemas here, and Leo turns his rectum into a fire hose as he shoots streams of bath water all over his boyfriend. This cannot be missed!  

Michal and Daniel Nicolaus Squirt Enemas
on 06.19.12

In this bonus outtake from "Straight to Prague," Europeans hunks Michal and Daniel Nicolaus return to show off their bodies after they're done dowsing themselves in water squirted from their asses. First Daniel bends over as Michael shoves the shower hose up his ass to rinse him out -- there is only one place for the water to go, and that's all over Michal's chest! After Daniel is rinsed out it's Michal's turn, and his ass is invaded by the same hose.

Josh Dean Bathes Tyler Grant in Urine
from Piss!
on 06.07.11

Skinny boy Tyler draws a warm bath, only to be followed in by muscle hunk Josh Dean. The mature man lets loose with a hot torrent of piss all over Tyler's body and mouth, and then fills his smooth creamy ass with water for an enema. The twink then bends over and lets Josh ram his fat boner into his hole. The two move the action to the sink, when Tyler creams himself, followed by Josh cumming directly into Tyler's mouth, followed by Tyler drinking all of Josh's piss!

Ryan Raz, Andrew James Jr., and Tonie Michael
from Piss Sluts!
on 05.25.11

Andrew James and Tonie Michael begin by licking Ryan Razs ripe armpits. They soon move down his toned torso to his hardening tool, but everyone shares each others big dicks in this scene. The action gets even hotter as Michael and Raz tag team a loudly moaning James, filling him from both ends. He can clearly not get enough cock or cum, and swallows both hung tops creamy loads. They then cover him with their hot piss.

Piss, Farts, and Toys with Nick Capra and Jason Crew
from FARTS!
on 11.20.09

Nick Capra lets loose with a stream of piss directly into Jason Crew's mouth. Jason cant control himself and starts to pee all over himself and Nick Capra's torso. Nick bends Jason over and pumps him up with an enema of air, farting right into Nicks face. Jason's ass is then filled with water, and Nick guzzles the tasty juice from his ass. Nick rinses Jasons hole off with more piss, and then nuzzles his pits while Jason licks his toes. Nick then proceeds to fuck Jason's well-used butt.

Dirty Skank Cam Casey Blasts Off for Michael Lucas
from FARTS!
on 11.20.09

Cam Casey's tight pucker unleashes a torrent of and then pumps his ass with a series of fat dildos, stroking his fat cock at the same time. He then peels back a banana, fucking himself with the ripe fruit. Michael Lucas cleanses Cam's backside with his piss, followed by a torrent of pee on his face and open mouth. Cam quickly bends over, allowing Michael to ream his ass with his uncut dick to an explosive finish, which Michael feeds to Cam.

Josef Jakobs Pumps Up Micah Lawrence's Ass
from FARTS!
on 11.20.09

Micah Lawrence is pumped full of air by Josef Jakob's (while Scott Spears looks on), and farts into Scott's face! Josef then puts his thick meat in Micah's face and pisses all over his smooth body. Micah is flipped around and has Josef pee on his tight ass. Micah sucks on the fat dick and then stuffs it into his butt. The two exchange blowjobs, and then insert a double headed dildo into their perfect behinds, which quickly leads to hot cum guzzling cum shots.

Danny Delta and Michael Lucas
on 11.19.09

Twinky Danny Delta sucks down each of Michael Lucas toes before deep throating Michael's entire uncut sword. Michael then takes Dannys cock and ass hole and eats them up simultaneously, showing no mercy. Michael pumps Danny's ass full of air, followed by Michael plowing Danny's tight ass like a crazed jackhammer. The two finish off by shooting huge loads of each others man juice onto their hot bods.