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Lucas Scenes » Outdoors

Submissive Man Sluts Bathe in Piss
from Soaked In Piss
on 10.17.19

Some of Lucas Entertainment’s most popular Lucas Men star in today’s Lucas Raunch scene from the new movie, “Soaked In Piss.” Drake Rogers submitting to Sergeant Miles alpha persona by taking his piss stands out as one of the best encounters in this gay sex piss scene. Also included are Andrey Vic, Jackson Radiz, Ace Era, Sean Xavier, and Adam Killian.

Adonis Couverture Pisses On Benjamin Gomez
on 11.16.18

Benjamin Gomez fell for Adonis Couverture hard when he first met him. And they both have a raunchy streak, so when Adonis wanted Benjamin to submit to him and piss all over him, it was game on!

D.O. and Diego Lauzen's Hardcore Ass Play
from Stretch My Hole
on 06.06.13

D.O. struts into the scene like he owns the place, and that includes Diego Lauzen’s huge Latin ass; it’s a piece of meat D.O. grabs with total ownership! The guys start making out ad sucking dick at the beginning, as all guys in heat do, but as soon as Diego turns around is game over for D.O. -- he needs that ass and he needs it as soon as possible! There is a lot of hole-stretching anal penetration here, and it’s not just D.O. doing the ass slamming. Diego Lauzen stuffs his dick deep inside D.O. quite a bit too!

Hot Guys Eat Out and Finger Their Tight Holes
from Assholes
on 10.25.12

There’s no top better at demonstrating the proper way to work over a hole than Rafael Carreras, Lucas Entertainment’s most popular Cuban. Before slamming Marco Sessions with his huge 10-inch uncut cock he licks, fingers, and eats out Marco’s tight asshole.  Adrian Long follows with Miles Racer, and he’s rough and doesn’t waste time as he sucks his fingers before shoving them up Miles’ hole, who thrusts has ass and fucks himself on them! Jessy Ares takes great pleasure sliding under Adam Killian’s famous ass, settling his lips between his meaty cheeks, and lathering his hole as Adam bounces up and down. Afterwards Jessy bends over so Adam can feast on his hole before fingering it. Mathew Mason and Edji Da Silva bend over for Jonathan Agassi so he can take turns eating them out. Ryan Russell and Johnny Venture have some intense 69 action as they present their tight holes to one another and eat them out. Pierre Fitch hoists his ass high in air so Sam Steel can give him a deep tongue bath. Rafael Carreras returns to now tease Aaron Blake’s hole, who is a tight blond bottom always ready for a fucking. And Rafael Alencar works over Brandon Jones’s beautiful little sphincter while the bottom sucks his huge uncut cock!

Edji Da Silva Stuffs Jonathan Agassi with Bananas
from Push It Out
on 08.23.12

Jonathan Agassi is piss-soaked and hanged suspended after sunset. His captor is Edji Da Silva, who releases Jonathan after he’s finished pissing on himself through his shorts. Edji takes Jonathan inside, where they both get even more soaked together: their bodies are glistening in fluid, making them two of the biggest sex pigs ever seen on Lucas Raunch. Jonathan sucks Edji’s dick and gets his hole eaten out before the Arab top fucks Jonathan in his own filth, bending him over and throwing him onto his back, pounding his hole fast and with fury. But the guys take debauchery to a new level when they play around with their nutritional needs: Edji stuffs a banana up into Jonathan’s ass and sodomizes him with it. How it stays together is anyone’s guess!

Derrick Hanson Douses Brandon Aguilar in Urine
on 07.17.12

In this restored watersports outtake from "Fire Island Cruising 08," Brandon Aguilar disappears with Derrick Hanson to a secluded corner on Fire Island. There Derrick continues to be a dominant top by making Brandon drop to his knees and take his piss. This might be a brief scene, but it proves why the hot guys on Fire Island are just so damn sexy!

Muscle Bottom Scott Carter Takes Bruno Knight's Dick and Hot Piss
from Urine Ibiza
on 01.05.12

British pornstar Bruno Knight takes charge in every situation: he pulls over on the side of the road to take a piss, but instead of just relieving himself, he decides he’s going to humiliate his passenger, Scott Carter, first. Scott gets out of the car and drops to his knees, waiting for Bruno to treat him like a urine whore. Bruno whips his dick out and starts shooting a stream -- Scott has his mouth open wide, begging for every last drop. Scott follows his yellow bath up with taking out his own dick: he’s hard and Bruno slips the gay pornstar’s uncut cock down his throat, sucking on and getting him excited before turning him around and eating his ass out. Bruno is anxious to fuck shortly after, and Scott doesn’t stop him from slipping his hard dick up his ass. Both Bruno and Scott are big and muscular, and Bruno’s powerful frame slamming into Scott’s ass makes for a hot session of fucking. Afterwards Scott’s own bladder pops: he shoots off a stream of piss at Bruno, who revels in the steaming shower. It gets Bruno so hot and hard that he slams Scott up against a tree and starts pissing on him and fucking his muscular hole deep until they both blow their white loads!

Michael Lucas Pisses on and Fucks Ryan Raz
from Piss!
on 06.06.11

Michael enters the patio to find tan twink Ryan Raz lounging. The two passionately make out , followed by disrobing, and Michael tounges Ryans toes while ticking his hole. They swap oral pleasure, and then Michael unleashes a torrent of warm piss all over Ryans smooth body. Michael stuffs Ryans tight ass with his meaty uncut dick, making the youngster moan with pleasure. Ryan blows his wad with Michaels cock in his ass, and then pulls out and sucks down Michaels jizz.

Poolside Fucking and Pissing: James Jordan, Rick Bauer, and Ted Potter
from Swallow!
on 11.20.09

Big muscle-hunk Rick Bauer and twinky cum-slut Ted make a poolside connection and dive right in to some hot cock-slurping action! Ted starts off by giving Ricks balls a good tongue bath before enjoying a big mouth full of piss. Once Rick feels Ted has been properly soaked, he lays him back to show his appreciation with a very enthusiastic blowjob, complete with dildo-fucking. It doesn't take onlooker James Jordan long before he comes over to join in on the action and the two burly studs piss on Teds pulsating asshole. Once it is properly soaked with piss, Rick assaults Teds gaping hole with his big cock, slipping and sliding into all different positions. He pulls out to splatter his load all over Teds boyish face before rinsing him off with his trusty man-hose to complete this very hot summer day.

Playing Doctor: James Jones and James Jordan
from Swallow!
on 11.20.09

Handsome James Jones knows just who to call when hes got the kind of ache that only a man can fix: Dr. Jordan. On his quest for the source of James pain, the doctors hands wander to Jones cock and in no time, hes balls-deep in a warm, wet mouth. The doctor regulates the oxygen by holding Jones nose while choking him with his big cock and humping furiously. Once assured that James can suck, drool, and lick, he moves on to the next potential cause: his hungry boyhole. After a few spanks to test the reflexes, the doctor inspects James insides with his fingers. Still unsatisfied, he gets out his speculum to allow for deeper inspection. Hoping to get deeper yet, the doctor plunges his own cock deep into James insides. After a healthy fucking is administered, the doctor rewards James with a mouth full of jizz and cleans him up with a hot piss shower.

Dean Tucker and Ajay Cavalli Lap Some Feet
from Feet!
on 11.18.09

Delectable Dean Tucker starts by lapping at smooth Ajay Cavallis feet by the pool. His long tongue licks every inch of Ajays beautiful toes, giving all ten equal attention. Dean works his way up Ajays body, then travel inside where Ajay can massage Deans whole body with his feet, paying special attention to his ass and spreading Deans firm butt cheeks with his toes. Ajay even manages to stick some in Deans willing pucker! But after a juicy rimjob, Deans meaty cock finds its way into Ajays schute, and the two fuck in a variety of positions. Ajay is even able to suck on Deans toes while hes getting plowed. The two then lean back and shoot thick wads onto each others feet!