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Lucas Scenes » Muscle men

Charlie Cherry, Jerry Toriz | Feet And Piss Action
on 02.29.24

Charlie Cherry rules the screen whenever he's starring in a Lucas Entertainment scene. His natural good looks and his toned body are brought to life but the huge and fat uncut cock that he wields between his legs. If that wasn't enough, he also has a dominant attitude in the bedroom. In this Lucas Raunch clip, the handsome and muscular Jerry Toriz worships the feet or Charlie Cherry before getting pissed on!

Sir Peter Dominates Shae Reynolds
on 06.08.23

Sometimes guys just want to be good boys and obey. That's what we have here with Shae Reynolds, who wants nothing more than to serve the strong and powerful manhood of Sir Peter. In this 15-minute Lucas Raunch scene, that's exactly what we get. As Sir Peter looms large over Shae Reynolds, we have just one question before watching the scene... What exactly will Sir Peter require of this beta bitch?

Foot Worship With Sergeant Miles, Rico Marlon, And Kosta Viking
on 02.16.23

Sometimes cuckolds only get the leftovers the bull and his lover deem fitting. That’s what happens here in this gay cuckold scenario with Sergeant Miles, Rico Marlon, and Kosta Viking. Kosta Viking, as beautiful as he is, is put into the role of the cuckold. Sergeant and Rico suck and fuck while he watches on, and that includes some foot action and to worship!

Sir Peter, Jeffrey Lloyd, Pol Prince | Sexy Foot Action
on 02.02.23

Sir Peter was hanging out with Pol Prince and Jeffrey Lloyd one afternoon on a patio in Puerto Vallarta. In this encounter, Pol Prince and Jeffrey are boyfriends with an open and loose definition of monogamy. While Pol and Jeffrey are messing around together, Sir Peter joins them in their fun. And it’s then when he catches sight of Jeffrey’s feet and sensually rubs and kisses them while he makes love with his man!

Tomas Brand, Babylon Prince | Gay Foot Action And Cum
on 01.05.23

Tomas Brand, who still reigns supreme as the King of All Muscle Daddies, is a handsome and strong man who can even make more dominant tops give in to they submissive sides. That happens with Babylon Prince, who not only bottoms for Tomas, but he also enjoys some foot-fetish with the King of All Muscle Daddies! There's lots of foot handling before these guys shoot their loads!

Tomas Brand, Rafael Carreras, Vincent O'Reilly | Daddy Double Penny
on 12.22.22

In this fantasy encounter, Tomas Brand and Rafael Carreras are celebrating an anniversary. And Rafael decides to spice it up for the King of All Muscle Daddies by inviting a young man by the name of Vincent OReilly. As soon as Tomas sees Vincent, he's all over him. Before you know it, both Tomas and Rafael are up in the ass of Vincent with some intense double-penetration action!

Rico Marlon, Paco Rabo, Valentin Amour | Double Penetration
on 11.24.22

Paco Rabo is a handsome hunk of a man -- he's got a coal-black beard, masculine features, and an incredible body. If that wasn't enough, he also he is a submissive bottom in the bedroom. The more dick, the better as far as Paco is concerned. That's good, because Rico Marlon tasks Valentin Amour to join him in double-penetrating Paco! Valentin is usually a bottom, but he finds his macho side when double-fucking Paco with Rico.

Sir Peter Plunges Into Dann Grey With Dick And Dildos
on 03.31.21

Sir Peter plunges into Dann Grey with dick dildos on Lucas Raunch today. Sir Peter is one hell of a hot and popular newcomer to wow the Lucas Men. He's handsome, gruff, in awesome shape, and the huge uncut cock between his legs is godly. Dann Grey is a handsome bottom with dark features, and before Sir Peter can mount and fuck him properly, he opens Dann up with a huge dildo, sinking it into his rectum to the base.

Drew Dixon Squirts Piss From Extreme Anal Play With Dylan James
on 01.07.21

Drew Dixon squirts piss from extreme anal play with Dylan James on Lucas Raunch! If there's one guy out of all the Lucas Men who is always ready for some intense anal stimulation -- and let's blunt, anal punishment, too -- it's Drew Dixon. Everyone's favorite tattooed muscle hunk, Dylan James, always brings it to one of his gay bareback sex encounters, and he does so here on Lucas Raunch. He opens up and plays with Drew Dixon's ass with gay sex toys so long and hard that Drew winds up squirting piss during the process!

Sergeant Miles Plays With Sex Toys For Arad Winwin
on 09.21.20

Arad Winwin, the all-star Persian alpha top and Arab elite, is in charge in the Lucas Raunch outtake, and he has Sergeant Miles play with adult sex toys for his amusement before fucking him bareback.

Edji Da Silva And Max Adonis Double Penetrate Andrea Suarez
on 08.20.20

Andrea Suarez has an ass that begs to begs for punishment. In this Lucas Raunch outtake, the aggressive Arab Edji Da Silva and the sexy and young Max Adonis fulfill Andrea's desire to have his ass split in two with some double-penetration!

Viktor Rom Fists And Destroys Drew Dixon's Ass
on 06.11.20

Viktor Rom, the King of All Alpha Tops, is back at it, and he's showing Drew Dixon who is in charge and who is the boss. Drew takes his submission to staggering places as Viktor Rom fists his ass and stretches him wide open with huge dildos. Drew is so excited and stimulated some piss squirts out, too!

Rafael Alencar And Gabriel Phoenix Double-Fuck Ruslan Angelo
on 05.14.20

When Ruslan Angelo gets a devious look in his eye, it means he's ready to service cock like a whore. Here Ruslan works on the uncut cocks of both Gabriel Phoenix and Rafael Alencar. He's getting his asshole destroys with not only double penetration, but also huge pro-level dildos!

Viktor Rom And Manuel Skye Gag, Bind, And Drill Ruslan Angelo With Uncut Cock And Dildos
on 04.30.20

If there's one gay porn model among the Lucas Men who begs to have his hole brutalized, it is Ruslan Angelo. That's why he teamed up with Manuel Skye and Viktor Rom, two dominant tops who don't like to take it easy on the bottoms they pound. Ruslan is gagged, bound, and sodomized by the huge, erect uncut cocks of by Viktor Rom and Manuel Skye, as well has huge anal toys and dildos!

Cade Maddox Gags And Drills Dakota Payne With Toys
on 04.16.20

Cade Maddox not only took on the the role of Dakota Payne's big brother, but he's also taken on the role of his dominator and master, too. Cade straps a leather ball gag in Dakota's mouth, flips him over, and stuffs as much of a big black dildo up Dakota's ass that will fit!

Mario Domenech Foot-Fucks Ibrahim Moreno
on 04.01.20

One of the reasons why Ibrahim Moreno is so popular is because of his beautiful bright smile, his lean and perfectly muscled body, and he has an ass that can take a lot of penetration. While he and the Latino muscle bear Mario Domenech are fucking each other, they suck on each other's feet. Mario also jerks Ibrahim off with his feet for a bit before shoving his foot up Ibrahim Moreno's ass. But Ibrahim is ready for more, so he gets on his back, spreads his legs, and Mario starts drilling his ass with a huge black sex toy!

Arad Winwin Pisses On Ruslan Angelo
on 02.20.20

Arad Winwin, the hot-as-fuck Arab alpha top with one of the most impressive muscular beefcake bodies in the entire gay porn industry, showed Ruslan Angelo's hole zero mercy on Lucas Entertainment. He made Ruslan totally submit and ride his dick. And now on Lucas Raunch, Arad Winwin takes his control and humiliation of Ruslan Angelo even further by pissing all over him. Ruslan worships the ground Arad walks on, and opens up his mouth wide to take all of the Alpha Arad's urine in his mouth and spits it back out all over his perfect physique.

Max Arion And Dakota Payne Drill Edison Fuller With Toys
on 01.09.20

While Edison Fuller is hanging out with Max Arion and Dakota Payne on Fire Island, and they're all swapping seed and spit, Max Arion unleashes his collection fo anal toys. He has a huge set of lime-green anal beads and am enormous black phallus. Let's just say both Dakota Payne and Max Arion both have a lot of fun stretching Edison Fuller's little fuck-hole to it's limits.

Blaze Opens Wide for Sergeant and Aaden's Toys And Double-Fucking
on 12.12.19

Sergeant Miles, the ever-popular muscle jock and military man, has one of his submissive fuck buddies, Blaze Austin, over for fun, while Aaden Stark is staying with him. Aaden joins them while they're fucking, and Aaden and Sergeant both double-penetrate Blaze. They also open up his ass wide with a huge black dildo.

Fisting And Dildos | Manuel Skye, Drew Dixon, Max Adonis
on 11.28.19

Daddy-top Manuel Skye takes charge in this hardcore gay porn encounter. Not only does he team up with Max Adonis by invading the ass of Drew Dixon with their hands and fists, but Manuel also pulls out some toys from his collection. And these dildos are huge, black, and disappear right up Drew's ass while Max holds him tight.

Urine, Piss, Water Sports, And The Lucas Men
from Soaked In Piss
on 11.14.19

The Lucas Men have no boundaries when it comes to urine, piss, and water sports! Devin Franco, Dakota Payne, Shawn Reeve, Jason Cox, Lucas Leon, Zander Craze, Viktor Rom, Drae Axtell, Lucas Fox, Timarrie Baker, and Roman Maverick all get soaked in piss!

Worshipping A Pissing Cock
from Soaked In Piss
on 10.31.19

Louis Ricaute may look like a big bad boy, but when he’s presented with Max Arion’s beautiful, uncut cock flopping around ready to piss all over him, he drops to his knees, opens his mouth, and wait for his reward. Also featured are Max Cameron, Jackson Fillmore, Viktor Rom, Ken Summers, Alex Kof, Bulrog, Leo Forte, Rex Cameron, Sean Xavier, Brian Bonds, Josh Milk, Max Schutler, and Dmitry Osten.

Submissive Man Sluts Bathe in Piss
from Soaked In Piss
on 10.17.19

Some of Lucas Entertainment’s most popular Lucas Men star in today’s Lucas Raunch scene from the new movie, “Soaked In Piss.” Drake Rogers submitting to Sergeant Miles alpha persona by taking his piss stands out as one of the best encounters in this gay sex piss scene. Also included are Andrey Vic, Jackson Radiz, Ace Era, Sean Xavier, and Adam Killian.

The Lucas Men Love Their Water Sports
from Soaked In Piss
on 10.10.19

Many of the Lucas Men are big boys that love their water sports and playing in piss! Jesse Santana, Tyler Roberts, Adam Killian, Michael Roman, Marq Daniels, Brian Bonds, Alejandro Castillo, Devin Franco, Rico Marlon Devin Franco, Joey Pele, Max Schutler, Ruslan Angelo, Michael Lucas, and Ian Greene all star in this gay piss sex scene!

Submission, Bondage, And Dildo Anal Play | Sergeant Miles, Alexander Volkov
on 08.20.19

Alexander Volkov is an Adonis -- he's incredibly handsome, his body is godly, and his uncut cock is rock-hard when he's ready to fuck. And while he's a muscular sex god, Alexander has incredible desire to give in to another man and and transform himself into a sex slave for a true alpha male. Sergeant Miles enters the scene, and he fulfills Alexander's desire to be used. Sergeant lets his military training take over as he takes control of Alexander; he puts a dog-bone ball gag in his mouth, secures his legs with cuffs and a grip bar, and exposes Alexander's perfect asshole. And with that perfect asshole exposed, Sergeant Miles rams an enormous black dildo up his ass before mounting and breeding Alexander Volkov!

Max Arion, Max Avila, Edji Da Silva | Showered In Piss
on 07.03.19

Extreme anal play with adult gay sex toys is not enough for Max Arion, Max Avila, and Edji Da Silva. When Max Arion and Edji are sodomizing Max Avila, it's Edji's turn to be the submissive one. He drops to his knees with a big smile on his face while Max Avila and Max Arion hose him down with piss from their uncut cocks. Edji Da Silva is so turned on he can't help himself reaching up and pinching their nipples!

Geordie Jackson And Braxton Boyd Dominate Benjamin Gomez With Sex Toys
on 06.11.19

Benjamin Gomez lives for servicing guys who are strong alpha men. There's no one who fits that role more than Geordie Jackson, and he teams up with his buddy Braxton Boyd to open up and own Benjamin's hole with gay sex toys. Geordie and Braxton love huge dildos and anal beads, and it doesn't take long for Benjamin to get his ass owned with these toys.

Sergeant Miles Restrains And Dominates Dakota Payne
on 05.27.19

Dakota Payne excitedly and willingly turns himself over to Sergeant Miles to be restrained and dominated in this Lucas Raunch encounter. Sergeant is wearing a Fort Troff harness and jockstrap to accentuate his rugged and muscular military body; the gear makes him look extra good as he straps down Dakota to the bed using Fort Troff restraints. Dakota's cock is concealed in a Fort Troff jockstrap, too, and it's left there until Sergeant decides it's time to tease and play with Dakota's erection. While Dakota Payne is restrained, it's his job to please all of Sergeant Miles' sexual needs, including eating his ass and sucking his feet. Soon after, Sergeant starts teasing Dakota's hole with a big black dildo before full-on fucking him with it!

Dylan Greene Comes Back For Andre Donovan's Piss And Toy Play
on 05.15.19

Dylan Greene is a horny guy who just can't get enough. After Andre Donovan finished hosing his ass out in an enema and fucking session, Dylan is still hanging out in the bathtub playing with his hole using a dildo. Andre walks back in to take a piss, but when he sees Dylan ready for more hardcore action, he instead directs his urine all over Dylan's face rather than the toilet.

Dylan Greene Douches For Andre Donavan To Fuck Him Raw
on 05.02.19

The slender and fair-skinned Dylan Greene is quick to turn into an absolute gay sex pig, and Andre Donovan wanted to take full advantage of all Dylan has to offer. Andre shows his aggressive side with Dylan, who submits to Andre's big black cock. Andre likes his boys to be extra clean, and he wants to inspect to make sure that's the situation. So he he has Dylan hop in the bathtub and douches him by hand; he enjoys watching the water squirt out of his ass with filthy pleasure. After Andre is done, he pounds Dylan in his freshly cleaned asshole until the bottom can't take it anymore!