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Lucas Scenes » Blonds

Jessie Colter's Anal Sodomy With Huge Dildos
on 04.03.19

Shawn Reeve is having an awesome time fucking Jessie Colter in the ass bareback, but Wagner Vittoria wants some in on the fun too. It's not his cock he's going to ram Jessie with, though. He pulls out a huge double-headed dildo and sodomizes Jessie in the ass with it, all while the gay porn legend sucks off Shawn to completion!

Hot Guys Eat Out and Finger Their Tight Holes
from Assholes
on 10.25.12

There’s no top better at demonstrating the proper way to work over a hole than Rafael Carreras, Lucas Entertainment’s most popular Cuban. Before slamming Marco Sessions with his huge 10-inch uncut cock he licks, fingers, and eats out Marco’s tight asshole.  Adrian Long follows with Miles Racer, and he’s rough and doesn’t waste time as he sucks his fingers before shoving them up Miles’ hole, who thrusts has ass and fucks himself on them! Jessy Ares takes great pleasure sliding under Adam Killian’s famous ass, settling his lips between his meaty cheeks, and lathering his hole as Adam bounces up and down. Afterwards Jessy bends over so Adam can feast on his hole before fingering it. Mathew Mason and Edji Da Silva bend over for Jonathan Agassi so he can take turns eating them out. Ryan Russell and Johnny Venture have some intense 69 action as they present their tight holes to one another and eat them out. Pierre Fitch hoists his ass high in air so Sam Steel can give him a deep tongue bath. Rafael Carreras returns to now tease Aaron Blake’s hole, who is a tight blond bottom always ready for a fucking. And Rafael Alencar works over Brandon Jones’s beautiful little sphincter while the bottom sucks his huge uncut cock!

Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Fuck in Panties
from PantyHos
on 10.18.12

Jeremy Stevens and Christopher Daniels are pals and bros out in the open, but they both share a dirty fetish they don’t let anyone else know about: they like to treat one another like ladies while they’re fucking each other. Chris is the first to strip off his clothes while Jeremy watches -- he hands him a pair of panties and stockings that he slips right on. Jeremy is next, and he has a killer body; his muscles and cock fit into his pair of stockings like a hand fitting a glove. Chris drops to his knees and worships Jeremy’s cock through the black fabric s before pulling it out and sucking him slow and deep. Jeremy gets hard quick, and after slipping on a condom he bends Chris over the sofa and teaches him that masculinity and femininity combined make for one aggressive top! Afterwards Jeremy hops on his back and throws his lovely legs up in the air with his ass exposed. Chris slides into his hole and pounds him out until they both blow their loads!

Aaron Blake Rides Jimmy Durano's Cock in Stockings
from PantyHos
on 10.11.12

Aaron Blake is the perfect houseboy -- he is Jimmy Durano’s boy-toy sitting around their apartment waiting to help his man in any way possible. After getting Jimmy ready for a big meeting, he takes out a pair of stocking and slips into them. He loves feeling like a lady -- it’s his secret fetish that Jimmy doesn’t know about -- and whenever his man is away, he feeds his fantasy. But Jimmy forgets something for his meeting and stops by the apartment by surprise and Aaron is busted. But Jimmy isn’t angry; he’s turned on instead, and runs his hands all over Aaron. If Aaron wants to be treated like a lady, Jimmy is going to give him exactly what he wants. He first manhandles the blond’s legs and ass before pulling out his dick and sucking on it and lathering up his hole with his tongue. After Jimmy is done Aaron assumes the submissive position and pulls off his man’s pants and begins servicing his huge uncut Latin cock. Jimmy’s body is stunning and Aaron can’t keep his hands off of his muscles. After Jimmy is tired of getting his dick sucked he tells Aaron to take a seat on his fat piece of meat. But Aaron has a hard time riding Jimmy, so he turns around and waits for his ass to get pounded out like a bitch!

Parker London and Christopher Daniels Gag on Cock and Piss
from Drenched
on 03.15.12

While Parker London naturally has a clean, all-American look, blond hunk Christopher Daniels sullies it at the very beginning of their scene by soaking and drenching Parker in his piss. Chris has a big cock, and there is plenty of piss shooting from it into Parker’s open and begging mouth, who spits it back onto Chris’ flexed six-pack stomach. After he’s drained, Chris face-fucks Parker, gagging him with each pump down his throat! Chris is one of the sexiest gay pornstars working today, and it’s instant hard-on material seeing him drop to his knees to take all the same abuse that he just doled out to Parker. Chris blows Parker’s piss back onto his body while keeping him hard with a deep, slurping blowjob. After the boys are done with their hardcore dick sucking, Chris gets down on his elbows and knees, exposing his tight hole to Parker, who dives right in for a hot ass-eating session. Parker keeps Chris nice and tender by ringing out his urine-soaked jock into Chris’ hole. Chris begs and moans for cock, so Parker fills his needs -- rolling on a condom, he opens up Chris’ hole and starts to pound the begging blond bitch. Parker gives Chris one hell of a workout by flipping the blond sex machine into different positions, including have Chris sit on his lap and do all the work by riding Parker’s cock! When Chris is on his back, Parker hammers him while he pisses all over himself. The scene is complete when the guys mixed the puddles of piss with their cum!

Dirk Caber Dominates Blond Bottom Logan Stevens
from Fuck Me Harder
on 11.24.11

Logan Stevens is laying defenseless in a wheel chair strung out on drugs when the seedy, corrupt Dirk Caber finds him and decides to take advantage of the situation. Wheeling him to a secludes back alley, Dirk maliciously laughs as he runs his hands all over Logan, who is addled and confused. Even though Dirk is in control, he likes to play with Logan's mind, giving him enough power that they flip each other around for wet, slippery blowjobs. When their cocks have had enough attention paid to them, Dirk initiates some intense rimming -- he even sits right down on Logan's face and forces him to eat his hairy asshole. The sex moves into invasive procedures when Dirk forces Logan into a flip-fuck session; the two hot guys rip into each other, hammering and slamming one another's holes until they both reach climax and release their loads of cum!

Tommy DeLuca Takes Michael Lucas' and Philipp Dante's Piss
on 08.31.11

In this "Auditions 03" outtake, Philipp Dante and Michael Lucas take turns pissing on bottom twink Tommy DeLuca. It's one hot gay porn scene with watersports!

Carsten Andersson and Ryan Russell Get Drenched
from HARD & WET
on 08.18.11

Blond hottie Carsten Andersson has the face and body of a pretty boy, but the heart of a piggish slut. He teams up with Ryan Russell, and from the beginning Ryan lets the piss pour out of him, spilling all over Carsten. They continuously reverse roles: Carsten and Ryan pull down their tight jockstraps, piss, and suck each other’s stiff cocks, all the while rolling around in their own bodily fluids like animals. But Ryan isn’t truly happy unless he’s being penetrated, and Carsten is more than willing to offer up his uncut dick. He slams Ryan with intensity, all the while pulling out to shower the bottom with even more piss! The scene culminates in some intense, urine-spattered cum shots!

Sebasthian Stretches Ian James' Tight Hole with Massive Toys
on 08.09.11

These two smooth cuties -- dark-haired Sebasthian and hungry bottom Ian James -- play with dildos before they get into the true ass-fucking fun!

Hardcore Sucking, Fucking, and Pissing with Rich and David
on 08.07.11

Buzz-cut Rich flip-flop fucks tattooed hottie David in this sizzling audition. The pair engages in plenty of dick and ass eating as well (David`s tongue piercing works wonders on an ass!), accumulating in cum shots directly onto each other`s tongues and then kissing with that cum still in their mouths! Afterwards, instead of pillow talk the boys instead decide to let loose their bladders and piss on each other!

Phillipp Dante Rams Tommy DeLuca with Toys
on 08.03.11

Blond twink Phillipp Dante lets loose about his surprising sexual history -- how about some fisting -- before getting it on with twink cutie Tommy DeLuca. The two well-hung young guys play around with each other, a big dildo, and finally Michael's own big member.

Michael Lucas Pisses Endless Streams on Carsten Andersson
from Piss On Me
on 07.30.11

Blond German stud Carsten Anderson lies in the tub waiting to be showered in Michael Lucas' warm piss. Michael has plenty to give, filling Carsten's open mouth with pee before Carsten pisses all over himself. Michael lets Carsten take just a bit of his huge, uncut cock into his mouth at first, giving him more piss before giving him more cock. While Michael stands over him, stroking his dick, Carsten lies back down in the tub and shoots an impressive load. Watching Michael jerking his massive cock is enough to make Carsten come a second time. As a reward, Michael gives him another mouthful of urine, leaving his face beaded with piss, all before they share a kiss.

Piss King Jonathan Agassi Humiliates Carsten Andersson
from Piss On Me
on 07.26.11

It's a torrential downpour of piss right off the bat as tattooed piss freak Jonathan Agassi lets a steady stream of piss rain down on gorgeous blonde Carsten Andersson all the way from the other end of the couch. The supply of piss seems endless as they piss on each other and themselves. Neither one of these vocal piss pigs can get enough warm liquid flowing onto their hot bodies or into their greedy mouths. After Carsten gets Jonathan's hot, cut prick in his mouth, Jonathan wrings all the piss from his filthy jockstrap into Carsten's pink hole. Jonathan fucks Carsten into a frenzy, filling his condom with piss until it bursts all over Carsten's face. The piss continues to flow freely until Jonathan lowers his tight hole onto Carsten's thick, uncut cock and rides his voraciously. Jonathan covers them both in more warm piss while Carsten is deep inside him and then shoots his creamy load right onto Carsten's waiting tongue. Carsten then blows his wad on Jonathan's furry stomach and laps it up before Jonathan bathes him in piss one more time, driving Carsten to cum a second time.

Skanky Shane Frost Services Phillip Aubrey
from Piss and Boots
on 07.19.11

Sculpted blond hunk Phillip Aubrey strides into his piss pen loaded and ready like a supersoaker! He immediately pulls his impressive cock out of his blue latex shorts and opens up a full urinary assault on the submissive and thirsty Shane Frost! Shane takes this bitter beverage as an appetizer to slurp and scarf down Phillip’s rock hard bone, a favor which Phillip returns, before Shane drops to his knees for some skanky boot worship. He splish-splashes in a pool of piss, using it to disinfect Phillip’s filthy leather boots. Phillip throws Shane face-down in the muck in order to inspect his piss-soaked asshole with his tongue. It’s time for round two, and he pisses at him right in the face before penetrating him with his hose. The two piss and fuck like dirty animals until Phillip jizzes all over Shane’s mouth, and plays with Shane’s nipples until he erupts like a fountain!

Blond Slut Logan Stevens and Dirty AJ Irons Fuck
from Piss and Boots
on 07.18.11

Filthy-minded Logan Stevens immediately begins hosing down the hot and toned AJ Irons with his impressive dick, getting him right where it counts in his face and his mouth. AJ loves the way Logan's piss tastes and uses is as a lubricant for his master's heavy black leather boots. He licks them clean and disinfects them with Logan's own refuse, before giving his enormous erection some much-needed mouth attention. Dirty Logan spanks and rims AJ with relish, and then AJ rewards him with a steaming hot urine facial! The two bursting wet piss pigs continue their wet and wild party until Logan bends AJ over for some hardcore fucking action! The muscular newcomer AJ flips Logan to give him a taste of his own beefy medicine. AJ pounds Logan's milky white ass until he erupts in his own milky white way across Logan's face!

Beefy Parker London Goes Bitch for Rod Daily
from Piss Pigs
on 07.04.11

Rod Daily can scarcely pull his cock out of his tight, white Calvins without erupting into a relieving stream of hot piss--straight into Parker London's gaping mouth! He showers Parker's face like a tattooed Roman fountain, letting out a crisp fart in the process. Parker, feeling suitably filthy, decides to stand up and re-pay the favor, spewing a gushing stream of yellow pee right down Rod's parched throat. Rod gets on all fours to slurp on Parker's dripping-wet rod, before bending him over to insert a corkscrew buttplug into his tight asshole. Rod wrings out his soaking wet underwear into Parker's mouth and then fucks him like a big, buff bitch. The two splash around in their self-made puddle sucking dick, fucking, and pissing at the same time! Parker fucks the cum out of Rod in a stunning climax of wet and wild proportions!

Michael Lucas Pisses on and Fucks Ryan Raz
from Piss!
on 06.06.11

Michael enters the patio to find tan twink Ryan Raz lounging. The two passionately make out , followed by disrobing, and Michael tounges Ryans toes while ticking his hole. They swap oral pleasure, and then Michael unleashes a torrent of warm piss all over Ryans smooth body. Michael stuffs Ryans tight ass with his meaty uncut dick, making the youngster moan with pleasure. Ryan blows his wad with Michaels cock in his ass, and then pulls out and sucks down Michaels jizz.

Murphy Maxwell, Andrew James Sr., and Nick Love
from Piss Sluts!
on 05.26.11

Stud Andrew James binds Murphy Maxwell to a chair, in only his jockstrap. With some forceful direction from James, he swallows Nick Loves stiffening tool. Soon he is sucking both his captors hung dicks and being doused in shiny piss. They all get hot and horny in this three-way suck and piss-fest!

Ryan Raz, Andrew James Jr., and Tonie Michael
from Piss Sluts!
on 05.25.11

Andrew James and Tonie Michael begin by licking Ryan Razs ripe armpits. They soon move down his toned torso to his hardening tool, but everyone shares each others big dicks in this scene. The action gets even hotter as Michael and Raz tag team a loudly moaning James, filling him from both ends. He can clearly not get enough cock or cum, and swallows both hung tops creamy loads. They then cover him with their hot piss.

Wild Water Sports with Aaron Mark and Peto Coast
from Urine Fist Fest
on 01.21.11

These nasty pigs couldn't wait a single moment to get into the action. The scene starts with open mouthed Peto Coast on the floor waiting for Aaron Mark to let loose a deluge of his hot warm piss. After squeezing out all that he can, Aaron goes to town on Peto's massive uncut cock and gets a taste of his own piss medicine. The guys kiss and suck until Peto decides he wants a taste of Aaron's smooth mouth-watering hole. When Peto feels the urge to let loose again, he showers Aaron's back and ass with that beautiful warm liquid and gets right back to work on his ass. Aaron's gorgeous muscular butt proves to be too tempting for Peto so after getting a good taste, he shoves his cock into Aaron’s tight muscle ass. While Aaron rides Peto’s fat uncut prick, he drenches Peto in more of his warm piss. Just when you thought Aaron was completely drained, he once again feeds Peto's unquenchable thirst for piss. When the guys are finally drained, Peto fucks the cum right out of Aaron and then shoots his own load all over Aaron. Make sure you catch every drop of these dirty piss freaks as they try to satisfy there insatiable thirst.

Sexy Stockings with Boyfriends Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey
from Men In Stockings
on 05.04.10

Spencer Reed strokes his pronounced erection through his sweatpants as his boyfriend, Phillip, gets dressed up in ladies' tights. Spencer slurps Phillip's meat through the sheer stockings, before Phillip straddles him on a corner sofa, slapping Spencer's alert cock against his shaped up bubble. Spencer spanks Phillip and strokes his massive cock, then rips a hole through the material and fingers and spits on the boy's exposed hole. Soon he's pounding the blond bottom's newly exposed asshole, and Phillip bounces his butt off and on that big bone like the professional bitch that he is.

Rock-Hard Thug Spencer Reed Fucks Phillip Aubrey Deep
from Fuck Me Hard
on 03.05.10

Chained to the ceiling, blond twink Phillip Aubrey is on perfect display so that muscle top Spencer Reed can inspect his sculpted and boyish ass. After copping several feels on his lucky prisoner, Spencer goes to town on his stiff pole, and then his hungry ass! Unable to leave his own hard cock unattended, Spencer un-tethers Phillip so that he can slurp it with gluttony.  Spencer ties up Phillip’s wrists, bends him over, and fucks the hell out of him, complimenting the boy’s tight ass with his raging tool. Spencer continues to pound Phillip across the room until Phillip finally explodes in a creamy load across his master’s boots.

Armpit Worship: Ray Randolf and Divko
from Swallow!
on 11.20.09

Hunky Ray Randolf and svelte Divko explore each others lips and bodies with their tongues, giving special attention to their armpits. Ray licks his way down until his mouth is wrapped around Divkos cock before standing up to let Divko go at his big meat. He straddles Divkos face and humps away as he goes back to sucking Divkos cock. He continues down to Divkos smooth hole and slobbers all over it and stretching it out with his fingers. After the warmup, he plunges his big dick into the tight boyhole. Divkos sphincter is stretched to its limits until Ray pulls out to blow his load in Divkos waiting mouth, causing him to spray his own load all over himself!

Issac Conn and Jason Crew
on 11.19.09

Cuties Issac Conn and Jason Crew drool over each others chests before Jason sucks off Issac's wet sausage and then flips him over to taste his ring pop. Isaac returns the favor by blowing Jasons cock off and devours his ass out with a furious hunger. Jason and Issac fuck each others brains out on the pools deck, finishing each other with thick creamy loads.