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Lucas Scenes » Rough sex

Sir Peter Dominates Shae Reynolds
on 06.08.23

Sometimes guys just want to be good boys and obey. That's what we have here with Shae Reynolds, who wants nothing more than to serve the strong and powerful manhood of Sir Peter. In this 15-minute Lucas Raunch scene, that's exactly what we get. As Sir Peter looms large over Shae Reynolds, we have just one question before watching the scene... What exactly will Sir Peter require of this beta bitch?

Sir Peter, Leo Bacchus | Hardcore Bondage Play
on 05.11.23

Sir Peter is a mover and shaker in his his private life, and in his personal life he takes it to the next level. In this Lucas Raunch video, we see just how he likes to have his men served to him. The strong and handsome Leo Bacchus has been after Sir Peter for a long time. Sir Peter invites him over, but expects Leo to offer himself up in bondage as he sucks his tops dick and gets fucked in the ass!

Allen King, Babylon Prince, Jeffrey Lloyd | Deep-Dick Daisy Chain
on 04.13.23

If you have an ass twitching to get fucked, then you're right at home among the Lucas Men. Because the models of Lucas Entertainment and Lucas Raunch loves having their asses services -- from rimming to fisting and then, of course, deep and bareback anal fucking! Here Allen King, Babylon Prince, and Jeffrey Lloyd make sure there is plenty of anal action with some hardcore, deep-dick daisy chain action!

Foot Worship With Sergeant Miles, Rico Marlon, And Kosta Viking
on 02.16.23

Sometimes cuckolds only get the leftovers the bull and his lover deem fitting. That’s what happens here in this gay cuckold scenario with Sergeant Miles, Rico Marlon, and Kosta Viking. Kosta Viking, as beautiful as he is, is put into the role of the cuckold. Sergeant and Rico suck and fuck while he watches on, and that includes some foot action and to worship!

Rico Marlon, Paco Rabo, Valentin Amour | Double Penetration
on 11.24.22

Paco Rabo is a handsome hunk of a man -- he's got a coal-black beard, masculine features, and an incredible body. If that wasn't enough, he also he is a submissive bottom in the bedroom. The more dick, the better as far as Paco is concerned. That's good, because Rico Marlon tasks Valentin Amour to join him in double-penetrating Paco! Valentin is usually a bottom, but he finds his macho side when double-fucking Paco with Rico.

Kosta Viking, Adam Killian, Sergeant Miles, Steven Angel | Sex Club Play
on 10.27.22

Kosta Viking is not above some raunchy sex play. Hell, he loves it, and when it's with two macho and masculine guys like Adam Killian and Sergeant Miles, he's rock hard and ready to go. In this Lucas Raunch encounter, Kosta and Steven Angel start off fucking around in a dark and seedy sex club. With his ass ready for action, Steven also gets slammed by Adam Killian in a sling. Afterward, Sergeant Miles gets his ass smashed by Kosta and Adam!

Oliver Hunt, Jeffrey Lloyd, Steven Angel | Water Sports Action
on 10.13.22

Sometimes the hottest kind of gay sex is the seediest and raunchiest. That's what happens with the young handsome studs Oliver Hunt and Steven Angel. They stopped off at a public bathroom to take a leak together, when Jeffrey Lloyd was caught watching them with their dicks out. Some wild sex unfolded between the three of them. And that sex included hot-as-fuck water sports and piss action between the guys!

Sergeant Miles Dominates Alex Gonzalez
on 09.14.22

Sergeant Miles has a special attraction to young good-looking men who enjoy submitting to an authority figure. So pairing Sergeant with a handsome young stud like Alex Gonzalez was obvious, since Sergeant Miles is a veteran among the Lucas Men, and it is important that an experienced man shows his younger counterpart the ropes of fucking on camera -- literally. Since Sergeant enjoys domination play, he gets into some bondage action with Alex Gonzalez before letting Alex swallow his cock and take it up the ass!

Sir Peter And Andrey Vic Double-Fuck Ricky Hard's Ass
on 04.14.22

Sir Peter is a hunk of a man, and his good looks, incredible body, and huge dick many him the envy of many men. On top of that, there are many guys who want him bad, and they'll do whatever they have to go take his dick. Ricky Hard does not have to try have to get Sir Peter's attention, but he's going to get it hard in his ass when Sir Peter teams up with Andrey Vic and double-penetrates him!

Sir Peter Plunges Into Dann Grey With Dick And Dildos
on 03.31.21

Sir Peter plunges into Dann Grey with dick dildos on Lucas Raunch today. Sir Peter is one hell of a hot and popular newcomer to wow the Lucas Men. He's handsome, gruff, in awesome shape, and the huge uncut cock between his legs is godly. Dann Grey is a handsome bottom with dark features, and before Sir Peter can mount and fuck him properly, he opens Dann up with a huge dildo, sinking it into his rectum to the base.

Viktor Rom Fists And Destroys Drew Dixon's Ass
on 06.11.20

Viktor Rom, the King of All Alpha Tops, is back at it, and he's showing Drew Dixon who is in charge and who is the boss. Drew takes his submission to staggering places as Viktor Rom fists his ass and stretches him wide open with huge dildos. Drew is so excited and stimulated some piss squirts out, too!

Michael Lucas And Max Arion Double-Penetrate Ruslan Angelo With Dick And Toys
on 05.28.20

Michael Lucas and Max Arion double-penetrate Ruslan Angelo with their uncut dicks and huge toys today on Lucas Raunch. Can you ever really fill up Ruslan with enough? Because no matter how much you throw at (and in) him, he's always begging for more!

Rafael Alencar And Gabriel Phoenix Double-Fuck Ruslan Angelo
on 05.14.20

When Ruslan Angelo gets a devious look in his eye, it means he's ready to service cock like a whore. Here Ruslan works on the uncut cocks of both Gabriel Phoenix and Rafael Alencar. He's getting his asshole destroys with not only double penetration, but also huge pro-level dildos!

Viktor Rom And Manuel Skye Gag, Bind, And Drill Ruslan Angelo With Uncut Cock And Dildos
on 04.30.20

If there's one gay porn model among the Lucas Men who begs to have his hole brutalized, it is Ruslan Angelo. That's why he teamed up with Manuel Skye and Viktor Rom, two dominant tops who don't like to take it easy on the bottoms they pound. Ruslan is gagged, bound, and sodomized by the huge, erect uncut cocks of by Viktor Rom and Manuel Skye, as well has huge anal toys and dildos!

Fisting And Dildos | Manuel Skye, Drew Dixon, Max Adonis
on 11.28.19

Daddy-top Manuel Skye takes charge in this hardcore gay porn encounter. Not only does he team up with Max Adonis by invading the ass of Drew Dixon with their hands and fists, but Manuel also pulls out some toys from his collection. And these dildos are huge, black, and disappear right up Drew's ass while Max holds him tight.

Submission, Bondage, And Dildo Anal Play | Sergeant Miles, Alexander Volkov
on 08.20.19

Alexander Volkov is an Adonis -- he's incredibly handsome, his body is godly, and his uncut cock is rock-hard when he's ready to fuck. And while he's a muscular sex god, Alexander has incredible desire to give in to another man and and transform himself into a sex slave for a true alpha male. Sergeant Miles enters the scene, and he fulfills Alexander's desire to be used. Sergeant lets his military training take over as he takes control of Alexander; he puts a dog-bone ball gag in his mouth, secures his legs with cuffs and a grip bar, and exposes Alexander's perfect asshole. And with that perfect asshole exposed, Sergeant Miles rams an enormous black dildo up his ass before mounting and breeding Alexander Volkov!

Dylan Greene Douches For Andre Donavan To Fuck Him Raw
on 05.02.19

The slender and fair-skinned Dylan Greene is quick to turn into an absolute gay sex pig, and Andre Donovan wanted to take full advantage of all Dylan has to offer. Andre shows his aggressive side with Dylan, who submits to Andre's big black cock. Andre likes his boys to be extra clean, and he wants to inspect to make sure that's the situation. So he he has Dylan hop in the bathtub and douches him by hand; he enjoys watching the water squirt out of his ass with filthy pleasure. After Andre is done, he pounds Dylan in his freshly cleaned asshole until the bottom can't take it anymore!

Johnny Venture Pounds Fernando Torres' Ass
from Stretch My Hole
on 05.30.13

Is it even possible that a cock be built for stretching hole on a consistent basis? It must be, because Johnny Venture has a tool between his legs that wrecks all asses it enters -- why else would he be such a popular guy in gay porn? Fernando Torres is up for any challenge, and that’s exactly what Johnny poses to him. They first take a shower, but it’s just an excuse for Fernando to gag on Johnny’s cock under the running water. Johnny and Fernando take fingering each other, reaching in deep with their thumbs and pulling their sphincters open wide. Fernando fucks Johnny in his ass for a while, but its Fernando who bends over and take the bulk of the ultimate pounding!  

Bottom Hunk Marc Dylan Submits His Ass to Mitch Vaughn
from Fuck Me Harder
on 12.15.11

Muscle pig Marc Dylan has no shame: the perverted, horny animal lubes his cock up and starts fucking a series of latex asses to satisfy his needs. But dominant top Mitch Vaughn catches him in the act, and if its sex that Marc wants so badly, why waste it on some toys? Mitch -- who looks like a strong, no-nonsense frat boy in his hat and with his worked-out body -- ties Marc up and shoves his cock down his throat. Marc, defenseless, can only choke down Mitch’s cock as he fucks his face. The sucking turns to spanking when Mitch decides to humiliate Marc with paddles and smacks his plump bubble butt, turning it red and sore. Marc is a bottom, but he’s not ready for Mitch’s invasive procedures when the power-top starts invading his hole with big black dildos and pumps. But it’s all to loosen up Marc for Mitch’s own cock, who bends the bottom over and thrusts his dick deep inside his rectum, pumping and plunging. Marc’s eyes are closed as he endures the hard fucking from Mitch. The intense sex culminates in an explosion of cum from these two hot guys!

Hung Latino Antonio Biaggi Fists and Fucks Caedon Chase
from Fuck Me Harder
on 12.08.11

Caedon Chase is a young punk who thinks he can handle sexy Latin stud Antonio Biaggi, but when he involves himself with Latino, Caedon learns how wrong he is. Caedon, a slim, tighly muscled white boy, is smacked around by Antonio, slammed against the wall and kissed deep; Antonio is talented at mixing passion and domination. He thrashes Caedon around, including pinching and pulling the kid’s nipples and gagging him with rope. Antonio’s relentless domination of Caedon excites the bottom: he’s breaking out of his jockstrap, and when Antonio pulls out his massive, uncut cock, he shoves it down Caedon’s throat with choking force! But dick sucking is only the beginning of what Antonio plans for his bottom boy: he flips Caedon over and eats out his ass, digging his tongue deep into his tight hole. It’s a minor foreshadow of what Antonio truly has in store: he slips on a black glove and greases his hand up, working his way into Caedon’s rectum, who moans and groans as he’s brutally invaded. Caedon first starts out defentless on his back, but eventually gets down on his hands and knees, giving Antonio full access to his asshole. After he’s been torn up, Antonio finishes Caedon off with his cock; he slips on a condom and hammers away until he drops his hot load into Caedon’s begging mouth!

Dirk Caber Dominates Blond Bottom Logan Stevens
from Fuck Me Harder
on 11.24.11

Logan Stevens is laying defenseless in a wheel chair strung out on drugs when the seedy, corrupt Dirk Caber finds him and decides to take advantage of the situation. Wheeling him to a secludes back alley, Dirk maliciously laughs as he runs his hands all over Logan, who is addled and confused. Even though Dirk is in control, he likes to play with Logan's mind, giving him enough power that they flip each other around for wet, slippery blowjobs. When their cocks have had enough attention paid to them, Dirk initiates some intense rimming -- he even sits right down on Logan's face and forces him to eat his hairy asshole. The sex moves into invasive procedures when Dirk forces Logan into a flip-fuck session; the two hot guys rip into each other, hammering and slamming one another's holes until they both reach climax and release their loads of cum!

Kyle King Begs and Barks for Adam Killian's Cock
from Fuck Me Harder
on 10.27.11

Pornstar Adam Killian is a god among men in the gay sex industry, and now for Lucas Entertainment he's wearing a domineering officer's cap and leather chaps. His prey: the caged Kyle King, who is struggling and grunting to break himself free; it's obvious he's trapped and there's no way out. Adam kisses Kyle through the bars of the cage and plays with his asshole -- Kyle is an aggressive, hungry bottom, and he begs and barks for Adam's attention like a needy, starved dog. Adam even takes a bottle of water and pours it down on Kyle; he might be thirsty, but Adam it's going to be too generous with the begging, snarling boy-slut! When Kyle is broken, desperate only to make Adam happy and satisfy his needs, the dominant top takes him out of the cage and begins to ferociously eats his ass out and play with his hole: Adam spreads Kyle open wide, showing just how deep and excited Kyle is in Adam's hands. Adam decides to feed Kyle his cock, who slurps on it with wet lips and a lapping tongue. Adam's aggression grows, and he hammers away at Kyle's throat as if he was pounding his ass. It's good practice, because Kyle totally submits his ass to Adam's fat cock shortly after. Adam is at his best when he mounts his bottoms and pumps away; all Kyle can do is hold his ass up for the ride, accepting each thrust. Adam fucks him deep until he cums in Kyle's mouth, who laps and swallows it up!

Corrupt Businessman Ace Rockwood Pounds Wade Warren's Ass
from Fuck Me Hard
on 03.19.10

Clad in a suit and tie, black power top Ace Rockwood can't contain his excitement when he stumbles across the delectable Wade Warren finishing up a mural. Whipping his massive black cock out of his pinstripe trousers, Ace spanks Wade across the face and plunges into his deep moist throat. Ace then bends the pale, smooth bottom over a trashcan so he can explore his tight hole with his tongue. Soon enough, Ace is bullying Wade's virginal hole with his monstrous dick, as Wade wails in exquisite pain! Ace covers Wade's mouth to suppress the screams until the two cum across the tagger's smooth torso.

Piggish Brute J.P. Powers Fucks Marco Cruise Hard
from Fuck Me Hard
on 03.13.10

The massive J.P. Powers is busy pleasuring himself when cock-fiend Marco Cruise barrels into the room, desperate for cock! The tribal-tattooed muscle pig drops to his knees at lightning speed to devour J.P.'s huge black shlong, relishing every last inch with idol worship. J.P. bends Marco over and spanks him, rips his underwear off, and impales him with a big black dildo. Insatiable Marco can't get enough, and deep throats the dildo while J.P. finished the fuck with his own massive meat. Powers pounds the power-bottom until they both squirt hefty loads, in the wondrous finale to this roller coaster of raunch!

Rock-Hard Thug Spencer Reed Fucks Phillip Aubrey Deep
from Fuck Me Hard
on 03.05.10

Chained to the ceiling, blond twink Phillip Aubrey is on perfect display so that muscle top Spencer Reed can inspect his sculpted and boyish ass. After copping several feels on his lucky prisoner, Spencer goes to town on his stiff pole, and then his hungry ass! Unable to leave his own hard cock unattended, Spencer un-tethers Phillip so that he can slurp it with gluttony.  Spencer ties up Phillip’s wrists, bends him over, and fucks the hell out of him, complimenting the boy’s tight ass with his raging tool. Spencer continues to pound Phillip across the room until Phillip finally explodes in a creamy load across his master’s boots.

Rafael Alencar Takes Ownership Of James Hobbes' Ass
from Fuck Me Hard
on 03.01.10

Rafael Alencar is a king among rough top men, and never has he proven that more than by starring in this long-lost FUCK ME HARD scene. Here it is James Hobbes who takes on the uncut monster Rafael Alencar wields between his legs, and he does not take it easy on James! This scene has been lost from Lucas Raunch for a long time, but has since been recovered.

Hardcore Porn Star Michael Lucas Covers RJ Alexander in Piss
from Fuck Me Hard
on 02.27.10

C.E.O. Michael Lucas cant seem to concentrate as his adorable and fuckable maintenance man struggles to repair his radiator. Crouching in his ripped-up thermal shirt, with just the perfect amount of ass cleavage peeking out of his bodacious jeans, R.J. hammers away at the old rusty bitch until Michael cant take it anymore. Whipping his dick out and cursing wildly, Michael pisses a yellow stream down R.J.s throat and shoves his cock in his acquiescent mouth. Clearly, R.J.s hammering on the office radiator gave Mr. Lucas some ideas, for soon he himself is hammering away at R.J.s supple, smooth ass. R.J. cannot stifle his moans, until Lucas stifles them for him by sending another torrent of urine across his slutty face. The scene crescendos with a mutual bladder explosion when R.J. showers in his own piss and finally, in Michaels cum.