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Ride It Wet - Front Cover

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There’s no shortage of hot and horny guys with hungry asses ready to take cock and 'Ride It Wet' from some of Lucas Raunch’s filthiest hung tops! Cuban pornstar Damien Crosse drenches muscle bottom Felix Barca in piss before fucking him in the shower. Raunchy top Edji Da Silva degrades newcomer Rio Montenegro with wads of spit and puddles of urine. Preston Steel fuck tight bottom-boy Trent Atkins on a piss-soaked sofa. Kyle King uses Lucas Exclusive Tate Ryder’s mouth as a urinal. And hardcore pornstar Drew Cutler fucks Adam Herst through a gloryhole before soaking him to the bone. All of these hot, dominant tops have no problem making their bottom boys 'Ride It Wet'!


Release Date: Apr 27, 2012
Runtime: 125 minutes
Genre: Gay Porn

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Damien Crosse - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Damien Crosse

Handsome Cuban pornstar Damien Crosse isn’t just a pretty face with a hot body -- he holds a B.A. in anthropology. Damien is totally versatile in bed and loves nothing more than showering and getting showers with hot streams of piss. He’s certainly put a lot of thought into his fantasy fuck, too: he wants to have an eight-man orgy on a club rooftop during the middle of a steamy summer. It’s a good thing modeling in gay porn has made him less timid!

Drew Cutler - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Drew Cutler

Rough and wild Drew Cutler loves the raw animal instincts of sex! This blond, muscled-stud goes aggressively full-force in his sex scenes and is pro at everything from mild to wild. California born Drew Cutler’s favorite part of sex is servicing and getting serviced by other sexy guys. Outside of sex his favorite hobby is snowboarding and his sex spot of choice is on the porn set!

Edji Da Silva - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Edji Da Silva

Edji Da Silva is the very definition of dark and brooding good looks. His dark eyes and eyes only compliment his handsome face, and his lean and toned body is a gift to the gay porn industry. Edji is a strict top man: when he’s fucking, he’s in total control! But this Paris resident has a soft side, and his favorite sexual activity is passionate kissing. Edji loves to fuck, plain and simple, and the wildest place he’s gotten it on is in a police station!

Felix Barca - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Felix Barca

If there’s one talent Felix Barca shows off with confidence, it’s having sex with other men on camera. Felix is totally versatile in the sack: he loves sucking a big dick and getting his ass fucked as much as he likes to kick back for one hell of a blowjob before bending a guy over and pounding his hole. Felix currently lives in Germany, but this Spanish sex maniac was born in Barcelona. Porn provides him with the opportunity to earn some extra income while showing off his thick, muscular body -- not to mention getting laid for cash! And if there’s one thing Felix enjoys more than having sex with a man, it’s fucking around with multiple men at once!

Kyle King - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Kyle King

Las Vegas hunk Kyle King is a gay pornstar with an incredibly sexy face and body, and he's ready to use all of it on camera! Kyle works as a model because he loves to fuck and has been asked to appear in adult films many times in the past. Kyle has fucked on to of a life guard tower and enjoys having sex with a variety of men. When it comes to sex, Kyle simply likes to let go and pig out!

Preston Steel - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Preston Steel

Porn newcomer Preston Steel jumped into the industry for one simple reason -- he thought it would be fun to fuck on camera! This native of North Carolina loves an old-fashioned blow job when having sex, digs guy who are hairy and ripped with muscles, and when he's having sex, kissing is the best part for him!

Rio Montenegro - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Rio Montenegro

Rio Montenegro was born in Colombia, but currently lives in Toronto where he jumped into some hardcore gay porn for Lucas Raunch. Rio is a top who is not above his wild, dirty side. He loves oral sex, and when he’s working on a huge cock, he wants his guy to climax in his mouth so he can swallow the cum! Rio once fucked around with another guy in church, and he’d like to one day have sex on a plane!

Tate Ryder - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Tate Ryder

Aussie stud Tate Ryder has an innocent face, but don’t trust it for a minute. Tate is constantly hungry for sex, and he keeps his body tight and toned for the bedroom by working as a fitness trainer in London by day. Tate loves to bang a tight ass, but his own is so round and rocking that it cries out for a fucking itself! But it’s not just dicks that Tate can take: his favorite sexual activity is a long, deep fisting! Tate fantasizes about strong, masculine guys, and he hopes to one day get lost in a group sex scene. The best part of a romp for him? “Blowing heaps of cum,” he said! With an attitude like that, how could Lucas Entertainment not sign him as an exclusive?

Trent Atkins - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Trent Atkins

Trent Atkins is an unforgettable gay porn star. The combination of his young, handsome face and lean, toned body makes him a great pleasure to watch get fucked on camera -- emphasis on the pleasure! Trent is a licensed massage therapist, but he found his way into hardcore porn when some friends referred him. It seemed like fun, so he decided to give it a type -- and we are all thankful he did! Trent has earned his beautiful body from his action as a competitive diver, and when he gets fucked he favors getting pounded outside, and if a pool is involved, all the better! Trent has gotten wild in the Eiffel Tower before, and he loves hairy, rugged, manly men. Bring them on!

Adam Herst - Gay Models - Lucas Raunch

Adam Herst

Auburn-haired Adam Herst is a sexy package: he’s smart, handsome, and ready to get dirty on camera. Adam holds an MBA and speaks three languages aside from English (Spanish, Polish, and French), but he’s attracted to porn because he loves to show off his muscular body and take piss in the mouth, one of his all-time favorite sexual activities. When Adam fucks, he loves doing it standing up, and if he could fulfill one of his greatest fuck fantasies, he’d love to get randy on a Ferris wheel. Adam is into other redheads, but they better have muscles like his! And above all else, Adam loves performing in porn because he has an insatiable need for attention.


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