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Damon Heart gets extra aggressive with Jacen Zhu in this Lucas Raunch outtake. As Damon fucks Jacen's ass, he takes extra care and pays close attention to working out his hole and roughing it up hardcore! Damon also licks Jacen's feet while playing with his hole before fucking it.


  Tags: LWS-132 


Damon Heart

Damon Heart

Damon Heart has been interested in the gay porn industry ever since he was a teenager, but it's taken a few years for him to decide to make the leap from admirer to participant. Damon manages a night club, so his move into gay porn is a smooth one. He's versatile in bed, too: with big guys he likes getting fucked, but if he's with guys his size or smaller he's up for throwing them around. When we asked him his dream fuck he said: "I don't do fantasy. I do real."

Jacen Zhu

Jacen Zhu

Jacen Zhu enjoys the quiet things in life: “Most of the time I’m at the gym or in the dance studio. And when I can get away from all of it I’m hiding away in nature when the weather permits. If not, I’m usually watching ‘Doctor Who’ or listening to NPR radio.” Jacen started working in adult entertainment because of his obsession with porn. “I’ve always had a high sexual energy and being an expressionist-turned-exhibitionist, I thought it would be fun to try it out. I never thought I’d be a natural.” Jacen Zhu is versatile when having sex with other guys, and especially loves oral sex. When asked what his ideal type of guy is, Jacen said the following: “I'm attracted to people… and more so the energy and engagement I receive from them. I've experienced some of the best surprises in someone who ‘looks’ different.”

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  • bowles posted an update

    Damon gets "demonic", when it comes to rimming. and I rate him highly as a connoisseur of Assholes.It has to be added that.he is also extremely good at felching, and always sets out to create great sensations in and around a Man`s succulent Nether Regions...Damon Hart is an expert Porn Star in every respect.

    Posted on Aug 06, 2017
  • Nitefly posted an update

    Wow! Loved this scene ! More intense asshole scenes. Bravo to Jacen and Damon !

    Posted on Feb 11, 2017
  • Achille2603 posted an update

    please let would like to see more scenes with asshole that you can clearly see...this scene is GREAT..!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on Feb 04, 2017