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Alpha Top Viktor Rom Invades Joaquin Santana With Dildos
on 05.02.18

Joaquin Santana proves himself to be one very good boy for his Alpha Top, Viktor Rom. There's no adult toy or dildo he will say no too, and believe it when some of these devices are ass-breaking. Can Joaquin Santana handle what Viktor Rom gives to him?

Ruslan Angelo, Bogdan Gromov, Logan Rogue, Javi Velaro, Andy Star | Intense Anal Invasion
on 04.05.18

This is one hell of a raunchy outtake from the fourth scene in "Raw Double Penetrations 07: Jam Packed"! You are in store for intense anal invasion with giant dildos, all featuring Ruslan Angelo, Bogdan Gromov, Logan Rogue, Javi Velaro, and Andy Star.

Ben Batemen, Damon Heart, Ruslan Angelo, Brock Magnus | Extreme Dildo Play
on 04.02.18

In this Lucas Raunch outtake from "Raw Double Penetrations 07: Jam Packed," we get to see intense and highly invasive anal action with huge toys featuring Ben Batemen, Damon Heart, Ruslan Angelo, and Brock Magus!

Alexander Volkov, Jacen Zhu | Anal Beads In Suits
on 03.21.18

Alexander Volkov and Jacen Zhu both love invasive ass-play -- the more their holes are stretched, the better. During their business meeting together, they both dropped their pants to play with dildos and anal beads.

Nick Capra Loosens Up Devin Franco's Ass For Fisting
on 02.21.18

During their daddy/son role play from the Lucas Entertainment movie "Daddy's Play Thing," Nick Capra takes Devin Franco's anal limits to the next level in this Lucas Raunch outtake by opening up his ass with his fist!

Jackson Radiz, Manuel Skye, Nick Capra | Threeway Water Sports
on 02.08.18

Jackson Radiz, Manuel Skye, and Nick Capra explore their collective fetish for gay piss and water sports in this Lucas Raunch outtake from the new Lucas Entertainment movie, "Fit As Fuck."

Shawn Reeve, Jackson Radiz, Tryp Bates, Nick Capra | Fourway Foot Play
on 01.25.18

As Nick Capra fucks the hell out of the hot-as-hell Tryp Bates' ass, he gives into his craving for feet and sucks on the bottom otter's toes!

Michael Lucas, Nico Deen | Gay Foot Fetish Play
on 01.11.18

Michael Lucas takes a break from Nico Deen to instead enjoy some foot-fetish place. Michael and Nico smell and lick each other's feet, and Nico even jerks Michael's uncut cock off with his feet!

Shawn Reeve, Dakota Payne, Andre Donovan, Ty Mitchell | Raunchy Suits
on 12.14.17

Dakota Payne shows off his enthusiasm to suck Shawn Reeve's cock by swallowing a very long and very black dildo. Afterward, Andre Donovan shows off just how powerful a top he is by fucking Ty Mitchell extra rough. He even used his tie to gag the bottom. While Ty is on his back getting his ass railed, Andrey also starts sucking on the bottom's toes.

Logan Rogue, Ruslan Angelo | Raw Water Sports
on 11.30.17

Logan Rogue makes one hell of a sexy daddy -- he's a handsome guy with a beautiful smile hot masculine body, and pretty boy Ruslan Angelo was instantly attracted to Logan. Logan invites Ruslan into the bathroom in him where the rinse off... and then spray their piss all over each other!

Devin Franco, Damon Heart, Bogdan Gromov | Boys And Adult Toys
on 10.04.17

Damon Heart loves taking charge of the situation, and in this Lucas Raunch outtake, that involves him stretching the holes of Devin Franco and Bogdan Gromov with huge dildos!

Stas Landon Penetrates Ace Era With A Dildo
on 10.04.17

In this Lucas Raunch outtake, Stas Landon uses more than just his cock to open up Ace Era's hungry asshole with his dick and a dildo at the same time!

Drae Axtell, James Castle, Billy Santoro | Deep Dildo Play
on 10.04.17

James Castle and Billy Santoro team up on Drae Axtell's ass in this Lucas Raunch Vignette. And to help them out in their anal invasion, they break out the sex toys!

Tomas Brand Sodomizes Dakota Payne With Dildos
on 10.04.17

Tomas Brand takes Dakota Payne's hole to the extreme in this Lucas Raunch Vignette. How does Tomas do it? With a huge sex toy, that's how!

Brian Bonds Embraces Sergeant Miles' Foot Fetish
on 09.11.17

Fisting isn't the only raunchy act Sergeant Miles is into. Before he fucks Brian Bonds senseless with his fat cock and empties his full balls (the full sex scene appears in the upcoming movie Gentlemen 20: Inside Trade), Sergeant first gets off by rubbing and caressing Brian's feet and sucking his toes!

Sergeant Miles, Brian Bonds | Fist Play
on 09.07.17

This is a first for Sergeant Miles! In this Lucas Raunch vignette from his recent scene with Brian Bonds (which will appear in the upcoming movie Gentlemen 20: Inside Trade) Sergeant tests the elasticity of Brian's ass with his fist.

Alejandro Castillo Hoses Ace Era Off In Piss
on 08.24.17

Ace Era is a piggy and he has no shame in his raunchy sexual desires. So when Alejandro Castillo wanted Ace to take a shower in his piss, there was no hesitation!

Cody Winter Takes Alejandro Castillo's Piss From The Tap
on 08.10.17

Alejandro Castillo is known for his strong libido, and that often veers into the the realms of the raunchy. Cody Winter is cool with that, so when Alejandro wants to take a leak on him after their ass-banging sex scene together, he's all for enjoying some hot Latin piss!

Damon Heart Opens Up Ace Era And Devin Franco With Toys
on 07.27.17

Damon Heart catches Devin Franco and Ace Era in his hotel room. But he's not going to throw them out: if these guys think it's OK to help themselves to her personal space, then Damon's going to get the most out of his unexpected guests. Damon never travels without his trusty collection of sex toys, and he uses them to anally -- and full effect -- on both Devin Franco and Ace Era!

Scott DeMarco Gives Devin Franco A Shower In Piss
on 07.13.17

Scott DeMarco took a great liking to Devin Franco on set, and when he had a chance to pull Devin away into a bathroom to play with him, he took it. Scott has a fetish for pissing on hot guys he wants to fuck. That's exactly what he does to Devin... and Devin Franco loves every second of it!

Devin Franco, Shawn Reeve, Dakota Payne | Dildo Ass Stretching
on 06.29.17

Devin Franco and Dakota Payne train their holes to take the biggest toys possible, and Shawn Reeve is ready and willing to lend a hand. Devin and Dakota are on their backs with their asses raise high, and with puckering holes Shawn invades the both of them with big -- really big -- dildos. And as Shawn Reeve works both guys over, his muscular body flexes and tenses; it's stunning to watch.

Rico Marlon, Damon Heart, Cody Winter | Gigantic Dildo Play
on 06.15.17

No toy is too big for Damon Heart to try out in his ass at least once, and he shows Lucas Raunch newcomer Cody Winter how it's done. Rico Marlon's strong hands deliver both these bottom boys a deep, ass-stretching anal fuck with a giant black dildo!

Ruslan Angelo Showers In Rico Marlon’s Piss
on 06.01.17

Rico Marlon's dick is undeniably hard for the sexy Russian bottom Ruslan Angelo. Rico loves submissive white guys, and even with his hard-on he can shoot a stream of piss while Ruslan sucks on his shaft and foreskin.

Drae Axtell Gives Lucas Fox A Golden Shower
on 05.16.17

Lucas Fox isn't shy about acting like a sex pig when the mood strikes, and he shows his fans that side of him on Lucas Raunch When Drae Axtell gives him a golden shower from his huge Puerto Rican cock! Drae gives in to his own need for raunchy submission, too, and bends down before the towering hunk that is Lucas Fox to take a dousing of piss from his big cock.

Devin Franco Takes A Golden Shower In Rico Marlon's Piss
on 04.27.17

Devin Franco's urge to mess around with Rico Marlon led them both into the bathroom -- that's where Rico had Devin get on his knees. Rico hoses Devin down in a stream of hot piss from his fat uncut dick; seeing Rico's big cock soft is a major turn-on. Devin lets loose a stream of of piss from his own dick, and when they are both done Devin kisses Rico's muscular stomach and sucks on his foreskin for a taste of the urine.

Brian Bonds Sucks Up Piss From Sean Xavier's Big Black Cock
on 04.20.17

Sean Xavier's enormous black cock (which measures 10 inches in length) not only has a lot of cum for his bareback bottoms, but also holds a lot of piss for those pigs that love to be dominated. Brian Bonds is one of those pigs, and in this Lucas Raunch vignette we see Sean piss all over him. First Sean lets it go from atop a staircase, and then he moves down so Brian can get a better taste. If you want to see a lot of urine, Brian's own cock turns into a hose while he sucks it up from Sean.

Devin Franco And Lee Santino Open Their Asses With Dildos
on 04.06.17

In this excerpt from Devin Franco and Lee Santino's upcoming bareback sex scene from "Gentlemen 19: Hard At Work," we see these two young guys loosening up each other's asses with dildos intermingled with them fucking each other bareback!

Sean Xavier Pisses On Ace Era
on 03.23.17

Fans of water sports and Sean Xavier's huge black dick will take special pleasure in this Lucas Raunch outtake! Ace Era submits to the hot yellow stream of Sean's urine on set in Barcelona, and once Sean's done peeing Ace gets on all four to lick up the mess.

Ace Era, Andrey Vic, Adam Killian | Hosed Down In Piss
on 03.09.17

Ace Era stars in this Lucas Raunch where he gets hosed down in piss from the cocks of Adam Killian and Andrey Vic!

Marq Daniels, Michael Roman, Adam Killian, Brian Bonds | Piss Play
on 02.23.17

After the four-way double penetration sex scene starring Marq Daniels, Michael Roman, Adam Killian, and Brian Bonds ended, these guys took some time to act like jock pigs and get involved in some water sports. The giant beefcake Michael Roman loves piss play and gets pissed on By Adam, Marq, and Brian in this clip.