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Caleb Daniels is a sex pig that can never get enough attention. That's where Rikk York and D.K. come in -- check out these two studs stuffing Caleb's ass full of sex toys!


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Caleb Daniels

Caleb Daniels

Check out Caleb Daniels get off on his foot fetish with Cam Christou and Xavier Jacobs on Lucas Raunch!



D.K. has total bragging rights about the masterpiece he has between his legs -- his dick is huge, measuring in at 10 inches, and he knows how to use it. D.K. spends the right amount of working out to keep his body in awesome shape; It’s also where he gets all of his stamina in the sack. It’s all about foreplay when D.K. is having sex, especially everything oral going on. The craziest places D.K. has had sex was in a park in the middle of the afternoon.

Rikk York

Rikk York

Rikk York is an excellent example of why Puerto Rican men are natural beauties -- he’s handsome, has a hot body, and a dick worthy of constant attention. Rikk is one of those special porn stars that enjoys letting us in on his private sex life on Twitter, where you’ll see moments like his load dripping out of Sean Duran’s freshly fucked hole. Rikk likes to fuck doggy when on top and ride a dick when bottoming, enjoys playing with sex toys, and once raised the dead by fucking in a cemetery. Muscular and hairy macho dudes are his favorite: they are more fun to dominate.

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  • bowles posted an update

    I am revisiting this video, and now notice that Caleb is billed as A Top.I do not think that he, as a possible Novice to bottoming, was opened wide enough, on this occasion, so that he could really enjoy the pleasures of The Second Sphincter. I feel that he was short- changed, because it was only a timely grab of his balls that truly- triggered what was finally needed to bring about The finale ! There could have been a better choice of sex toys., and, amazingly, it would appear that Michael Lucas is not familiar with this particular brand of inflatable Butt Plug...Doubtless,whatever boy`s toy that was being used at the time, he personally would have told Caleb to "push out" more... After all said and done, this is meant to be Lucas Raunch !

    Posted on Jul 12, 2017
  • hotgroupfun posted an update

    where can i get this pump plug? who made it?

    Posted on Apr 27, 2016
  • bowles posted an update

    It is a saying that "It takes two to tango", but really, it takes a third man to effectively pump an increasingly-receptive arse with a couple of toys. DK and Rikk did a good job, but I think that Caleb could have done with a wider variety of toys to sample.... only Raunch Time would not permit !

    Posted on Feb 29, 2016