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Lucas Scenes Page 9

  Raff Owen Puts on a Ribbed Cock Sleeve for Aaron Mark
Raff Owen Puts on a Ribbed Cock Sleeve for Aaron Mark
on 02.06.14

It's an unusual sex toy, and that's why Aaron Mark wanted to try it out. He pulls his sex buddy, Raff Owen, aside and asked him to slip on a rubber cock sleeve covered in ribs and bumps for his pleasure. Raff puts it on and Aaron uses his mouth to lube it up before he bends over and takes a good, deep fucking from Raff. Rest assured: Aaron feels the ribs!

  Michael Lachlan and Seth Treston Explore Their Armpits
Michael Lachlan and Seth Treston Explore Their Armpits
on 01.30.14

During the bareback sex shoot between Michael Lachlan and Seth Treston the guys had an idea: they asked the creative director Adam Killian if they can fulfill a fantasy and mess around just by sniffing and licking their armpits for a while. Adam isn't one to deny a guy's raunchy side, so he let's the guys indulge their filth!

  Jed Athens Uses His Feet to Jerk Off Hot Rods Massive Black Dick
Jed Athens Uses His Feet to Jerk Off Hot Rod's Massive Black Dick
on 01.23.14

Jed Athens is no stranger to Hot Rod and the massive black dick he has between his legs. Hot Rod is a top thug who loves receiving pleasure, and in this scene he uses his feet to jerk off Hot Rod's cock! It only makes sense: bigger feet to pleasure a bigger cock! But more than that, Hot Rod uses his toes to fuck Jed Athens -- he's so talented at it he should consider taking up soccer!

  Armpit and Foot Worship Featuring Michael Lucas and Sean Xavier
Armpit and Foot Worship Featuring Michael Lucas and Sean Xavier
on 01.16.14

Michael Lucas pulls aside his favorite black model, Sean Xavier, and gets down, dirty, and raunchy with him. The two Lucas Entertainment exclusives lick each others' armpits and suck each others' feet and toes, one of Michael favorite Lucas Raunch fetishes!

  Draven Torres Gives Fabio Stallone a Long and Erotic Foot Massage
Draven Torres Gives Fabio Stallone a Long and Erotic Foot Massage
on 01.09.14

During an intimate bathtub rubdown, Fabio Stallone and Draven Torres settle in the water. Fabio is a little tense, so he seats himself on the edge of the tub and presents his feat to Draven. Draven gives Fabio a relaxing and erotic foot massage, working the muscular stud's soles, ankles, and toes with his hands, mouth, and tongue!

  Dildo Fucking in the Shower Starring Jed Athens and Marcus Isaacs
Dildo Fucking in the Shower Starring Jed Athens and Marcus Isaacs
on 01.02.14

Marcus Isaacs and Jed Athens equal two hungry bottoms that both need their asses filled and stimulated. The two hot dudes sneak away into the shower with their toy collection of big floppy dildos. Jed and Marcus test the suction cups on the toys by slamming them to the shower wall and then slamming their asses up and down on top of the dildos. The rubber gets Jed and Marcus hot and heavy, so they start making out with each other. They eventually suction the dildos together and fuck each other together!

  CJ Madison and Devin Adams Worship Each Others Hairy Armpits
CJ Madison and Devin Adams Worship Each Other's Hairy Armpits
on 12.05.13

CJ Madison and Devin Adams both find something sensual and erotic about admiring the armpits of men, so when Michael Lucas learned this he gave the two some space to show everyone what they meant. There's plenty of sniffing, licking, and worshiping to be had between the two hot guys. And as an added bonus, Dirk Caber and Logan Stevens share their armpit fetish with all of us too!

  Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Suck Each Others Feet
Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Suck Each Other's Feet
on 11.28.13

Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens return to Lucas Raunch, but this time they are not strutting their stuff in stockings -- they are instead admiring each others feet and toes, and what better way to do this but with their hands, lips, and tongues? It's not just Chris and Jeremy -- once they are finished, Shay and Dominic Pacifico do the same, and so does Michael Lucas and Franco Ferarri! It's been a long time since Lucas Raunch has returned to the foot fetish, so if you love feet don't miss this scene!

  Sexy Water Sports: Michael Lucas, Adam Killian, Franco Ferarri, and Jonathan Agassi
Sexy Water Sports: Michael Lucas, Adam Killian, Franco Ferarri, and Jonathan Agassi
on 11.21.13

Franco Ferarri is a bottom bitch who deserves to be soaked in piss, and that’s what his top master Michael Lucas gives to him. Michael pulls Franco into a bathroom, sits him on the toilet, tells him to open his mouth, and starts pissing in his mouth. Franco looks up as his master as Michael empties his bladder. After they’re done, Jonathan Agassi, the king of all piss pigs, shares his urine with muscle king Adam Killian. If your fetish is water sports, watch this scene -- the pros are out to play!

  Blond Twink Justin Cruise Tastes Michael Lucas Feet
Blond Twink Justin Cruise Tastes Michael Lucas' Feet
on 11.14.13

It’s been a long time since Lucas Raunch has released a video showcasing the masculine feet of its sex stars, and who better to bring the foot fetish back than Michael Lucas himself, and he’s using the mouth of Russian blond twink Justin Cruise to kiss and lick his toes! After Michael is finished with Justin, Lucas Entertainment’s favorite black hunk Sean Xavier spends some time in the sixty-nine position with Drake Jaden. No, they aren’t sucking cock. They are sucking toes!

  Tate Ryder Takes Alessandro Masters Fist Up His Ass to the Wrist
Tate Ryder Takes Alessandro Master's Fist Up His Ass to the Wrist
on 11.07.13

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Tate Ryder’s bitch ass on Lucas Raunch, but he’s always in desperate need of hardcore attention. That’s why we saved a very special someone to take out his aggression on the bottom: Alessandro Master. He’s an Italian porn pig who slaps on a black glove onto his hand, greases it up with some thick creamy lube, and works it right up Tate’s ass. And not only does he slip into Tate’s ass, but he keeps it there and tests his limits! There’s even some dual fucking and fisting going on here, and when there’s no fisting there’s plenty of pissing!

  Dale Cooper Splashes His Load All Over Hunter Pages Face
Dale Cooper Splashes His Load All Over Hunter Page's Face
on 09.26.13

Twinks are not Dale Cooper’s first choice of guys to get down and fuck with, but Hunter Page was one such twink he made and got his dick wet inside of! But if Hunter wants Dale’s cock he’s got to work for it, and that means sucking and riding hard. And when Dale Cooper isn’t able to hold back any more, Hunter Page finally gets what he wants -- a face full of white hot seed! And don’t overlook hot porn stars like Vito Gallo, D.O., Edji Da Silva, Marco Sessions, Rafael Carreras, Adrian Long, Tate Ryder, Adam Killian, and several other guys. They all have balls full of come, and here is where they squirt!

  Trent Davis Sucks the Cum Out of Sean Xaviers Huge Black Cock
Trent Davis Sucks the Cum Out of Sean Xavier's Huge Black Cock
on 09.19.13

Trent Davis is a furry white cub with a taste for black dick. Lucas Entertainment has an exclusive model by the name of Sean Xavier. Sean has a big black dick -- and it’s a very big black dick! And Sean Xavier makes Trent work long and hard for the warm creamy center of his pecker! Luke Milan, Jessy Ares, Tyler Wolf, Edji Da Silva, Vito Gallo, Michael Lucas, Parker London, and Steven Daigle also make appearance in this scene along with several more!

  Miles Racer Begs for Issac Jones Hot Seed
Miles Racer Begs for Issac Jones' Hot Seed
on 09.12.13

Issac Jones is someone you’d want to bottom for you: he’s so handsome, tall and lean, and has an ass to die for. But he’s also got quite the uncut cock between his legs, so be decided to get some ass from Miles Racer, a bottom who could never say no to a cock like Issac’s. And Issac proves he’s got the stuff to fuck an ass long and hard, and the load of sticky white cum he covers Miles in is an orgasm you won’t soon forget! Appearing with Issac and Miles is Michael Lucas, Mathew Mason, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, D.O., and Jessy Ares!

  Johnny Venture Takes Edji Da Silvas Cum in His Mouth
Johnny Venture Takes Edji Da Silva's Cum in His Mouth
on 09.05.13

Johnny Venture and Edji Da Silva debuted on Lucas Entertainment with each other as Exclusive performers at the time they made their huge splash in gay porn with the studio. Edji and Johnny both are men's men, and when they have sex they like to have it long and hard/ Johnny is known for his massively thick uncut cock, and Edji for his handsome looks and furry Arab body. When these guys fuck it's an event not to miss, and when they shoot their hot loads on each other, it's the ultimate ending! Also features alongside them is Rafael Carreras, Will Helm, Joanthan Agassi, Ace Rockwood, Spencer Reed, Jessie Colter, Matan Shalev, Steven Daigle, Michael Lucas, and many more!

  Jessie Colter Swallows Robert Van Dammes Hot Load
Jessie Colter Swallows Robert Van Damme's Hot Load
on 08.29.13

Jessie Colter, a porn star of great sex-hungry caliber (not to mention his insatiable ass that can take one hell of a pounding) opens up his mouth wide for some seed from none other than Robert Van Damme, a muscle power-top who can give it as hard as Jessie can take it. Jessie is begging for cum, and Robert doesn't deny his bottom boy what he's begging for! Among the other cum-hungry men are Jonathan Agassi, Jessy Ares, Rafael Alencar, Mathew Mason, and Edji Da Silva!

  Rafael Alencar Fists Sebastian Keys Rosebud
Rafael Alencar Fists Sebastian Keys' Rosebud
on 08.01.13

If Rafael Alencar is around, then you know there’s going to be some powerful power-top action going on. The question is this: does Sebastian Keys know what he’s going to endure with Rafael? Hopefully, because the Brazilian top puts this bottom through the wringer! On top of sucking and riding Rafael’s big, fat uncut cock, he takes the top’s fist up his ass and as a result shows off his rosebud. There’s even a bicycle seat involved, but what it’s used for, well, you’ll just have to watch to find out!

  Micah Brandts Four-Way Slam Fest
Micah Brandt's Four-Way Slam Fest
on 07.25.13

It’s been a long time since Lucas Entertainment has shot this many guys in one scene, and never before has one guy been the object of so many guys’ hardcore, rough-riding desire. The guy at the center of all this attention is Micah Brandt, and he’s got to prove he knows how to handle cock! He’s got plenty of guys who are going to put him to the test: furry hunk Tom Wolfe is a power-top who doesn’t put up with a mouthy bottom (unless he’s moaning), Vito Gallo has one of the biggest dicks in gay porn history, and Billy Santoro, who can take as hard as he can give. Micah sucks a lot of cock and takes a lot of dick in this fantasy scenario. Billy needs to help him out halfway through the scene and wrangle Vito’s cock for a while, but it’s Micah who takes it all!

  Adam Killian Dominates Jesse Santana
Adam Killian Dominates Jesse Santana
on 07.18.13

Adam Killian is feeling extra dominant and kinky today, so it's a good thing that his fuck-toy for the day is Jesse Santana. He puts on a leather hood for Adam and takes his fucking like a good servant. Adam makes full use of Jesse's needy, anxious mouth and asshole with the legendary fat cock that's between his legs. It's always hard and in need of service. But Adam pounds Jesse with more than his dick -- he squeezes his foot past Jesse's hole and foot-fucks the porn star like he's never felt penetration before!

  Trenton Ducati Pounds Derek Parkers Ass
Trenton Ducati Pounds Derek Parker's Ass
on 07.11.13

Sometimes the hottest guys are also big bottoms, and that's exactly the case with Derek Parker. With that short haircut, full beard, thick muscular body and gorgeous cock, he's ready to take just as much dick as he can handle. Trenton Ducati is in luck: he's a Lucas Entertainment favorite, and here he’s returning to the Raunchy side of the studio to give Derek exactly what he needs. And the harder Trenton can give it to Derek the better. The faster he can deliver the slams to the bottom’s ass and throat the better. And the rougher Trenton is the more he will make Derek moan, scream, and beg for more. It's not only a question if Derek can handle it, but can you?

  Jessy Ares Takes Control of Seth Roberts
Jessy Ares Takes Control of Seth Roberts
on 07.04.13

When Seth Roberts is asked out by Jessy Ares, he knows that it’s only going to be about sex. But Seth also doesn’t realize just how far Jessy takes his fetish for control and domination. Jessy is going to do all of the dominating and controlling, that’s for sure. Seth meets Jessy in a dark room and buckles up for some of the roughest sex he’s ever enjoyed! Some of the highlights include Seth getting banged in the ass while gagged and bending over for high-energy dildo penetration! Can Seth handle big, black toys lodged up his ass by one of the hottest tops in the gay porn industry? Watch and find out!

  Justin Cruise Slips into Stockings for Adam Killian
Justin Cruise Slips into Stockings for Adam Killian
on 06.27.13

Justin Cruise is fresh meat that needs to be broken in, and there’s no one better to do it than the jock top Adam Killian. First Adam commands Justin to swallow his pride and put on a pair of stockings; Justin isn’t into it at first, but Adam doesn’t have the patience to put up with a whiny bottom. Adam wants him to be a bitch, and that’s what Justin is going to turn into. After he’s done, Adam slips on his own pair of stockings. Justin is so turned on he plays with and eats Adam’s ass. The guys flip around and Adam eats out Justin’s ass -- Adam picks Justin up and they sixty-nine as Adam eats Justin out and the blond Russian bottom swallows cock. Adam shows Justin who is boss when Justin gets on his back and gets his ass fucked like a bad girl. But Justin begins enjoying his punishment when he gets on his hands and knees and takes Adam pounding like a champ!

  Jessy Ares Dominates Rod Dailys Hole
Jessy Ares Dominates Rod Daily's Hole
on 06.13.13

Jessy Ares is so, so hot and that’s simply all there is too it. His body is near perfect and he’s got just the right amount of and his uncut German cock is worthy of all the attention it’s given. And Rod Daily knows this, which is why he watches Jessy through a window. When Jessy catches him he invites him over for a blowjob before they adjourn into Jessy’s bedroom for more intense action. Jessy Ares stretches out Rod Daily’s ass with his fingers before hopping on top and fucking him. Jessy is all about mounting his bottoms, and he doesn’t hesitate climbing on top of Rod to give him a good pounding!

  D.O. and Diego Lauzens Hardcore Ass Play
D.O. and Diego Lauzen's Hardcore Ass Play
on 06.06.13

D.O. struts into the scene like he owns the place, and that includes Diego Lauzen’s huge Latin ass; it’s a piece of meat D.O. grabs with total ownership! The guys start making out ad sucking dick at the beginning, as all guys in heat do, but as soon as Diego turns around is game over for D.O. -- he needs that ass and he needs it as soon as possible! There is a lot of hole-stretching anal penetration here, and it’s not just D.O. doing the ass slamming. Diego Lauzen stuffs his dick deep inside D.O. quite a bit too!

  Johnny Venture Pounds Fernando Torres Ass
Johnny Venture Pounds Fernando Torres' Ass
on 05.30.13

Is it even possible that a cock be built for stretching hole on a consistent basis? It must be, because Johnny Venture has a tool between his legs that wrecks all asses it enters -- why else would he be such a popular guy in gay porn? Fernando Torres is up for any challenge, and that’s exactly what Johnny poses to him. They first take a shower, but it’s just an excuse for Fernando to gag on Johnny’s cock under the running water. Johnny and Fernando take fingering each other, reaching in deep with their thumbs and pulling their sphincters open wide. Fernando fucks Johnny in his ass for a while, but its Fernando who bends over and take the bulk of the ultimate pounding!  

  Vito Gallo Stretches Jesse Santanas Ass Open
Vito Gallo Stretches Jesse Santana's Ass Open
on 05.23.13

Does Jesse Santana have what it takes to handle the power of Vito Gallo? We’re about to find out: the guys fool around in the pool before Jesse hops out and bends right over. Vito opens up Jesse’s bottom and exposes his hole -- and don’t worry folks, the bottom is all pink inside. Jesse is a macho dude that loves getting fucked behind closed doors. He bends right over when he sees what Vito is packing in his pants. The massive Italian cock manages to wedge itself deep inside Jesse, and once it’s in it isn’t come out until the bottom’s hole is plenty stretched!

  Rafael Carreras Opens Up Darius Ferdynands Ass
Rafael Carreras Opens Up Darius Ferdynand's Ass
on 05.16.13

Rafael Carreras doesn’t have to look far to find a needy bottom guy ready to fill his hole with huge uncut Cuban cock! Today on Rafael’s menu is Darius Ferdynand, a small twink with a tight body. Darius is an expert lover and isn’t afraid to use his ass to its limits, even if that means running the risk of breaking it! That’s perfect for Rafael, who ravages the bottom from the beginning with kisses and rough touches. Rafael swallows Darius’ alert cock while fingering his hole. Rafael Carreras is an ass man and switches his attention to Darius Ferdynand’s ass; he fingers and eats it before slipping on a condom and penetrating the bottom with all 10 inches of his meat, and the faster and rougher he fucks the louder the bottom’s moans are!

  Adam Killian and Rod Daily Open Their Toy Chest
Adam Killian and Rod Daily Open Their Toy Chest
on 04.25.13

Adam Killian and Rod Daily were made to star in a scene like this together. Why? Because their raunchy chemistry is totally in sync in this scenario, from the deep-throating Adam and Rod perform on each other to the lube they cover each other in. And when their bodies are slippery and glistening, Adam bends Rod over and tests out his ass with a silver phallus that looks like a candlestick. Rod keeps the silver toy in his ass as he sucks off Adam more and tongues the famous tight hole. Adam takes out the toy and fucks Rod a little bit before having him bend over doggy style to get ready for a set of anal beads that will blow your mind! But the highlight of the scene involves a double-headed dildo, but who will take more, Adam or Rod?

  Luke Milan Takes Control of Mathew Masons Ass
Luke Milan Takes Control of Mathew Mason's Ass
on 04.18.13

Luke Milan and Mathew Mason are two young bucks with sex on their minds, and the dirtier the better! The guys have big dicks hanging between their legs and both are well versed in bottoming, so they are both horny to see what the other can do with the toy chest they’re about to let loose! Luke and Mathew start off with swapping some head, and they both test the strength of their throats with the size of their packages. But it’s the rubber arsenal of dildos and pumps they’re getting ready for, and the question is this: can you handle it as much as they can? Luke and Mathew both test their limits as inch after in of black rubber and plastic get lost in their tight manholes.

  Tyler Wolf Enjoys Jessy Ares Big Black Dildos
Tyler Wolf Enjoys Jessy Ares' Big Black Dildos
on 04.11.13

Passion and love comes in all different shapes and sizes, and for Jessy Ares and Tyler Wolf as they wake up together it equals some rough anal sex with huge toys! Tyler starts out by slipping out from under the covers in his black jockstrap and sucking Jessy’s hard uncut cock. Jessy has a taste of what Tyler has between his legs before he rolls him over and plays with his ass. On the agenda are black toys, and the bigger the better! A floppy black dildo, massive anal beads, and an ass pump built to stretch out Tyler’s hole for Jessy’s pleasure. Jessy gets so horny that he rips the toys out and stuffs his own cock inside Tyler and fucks him like a ravenous maniac, pounding his hole into submission!