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Lucas Scenes Page 7

  Hot Guys Eat Out and Finger Their Tight Holes
Hot Guys Eat Out and Finger Their Tight Holes
on 10.25.12

There’s no top better at demonstrating the proper way to work over a hole than Rafael Carreras, Lucas Entertainment’s most popular Cuban. Before slamming Marco Sessions with his huge 10-inch uncut cock he licks, fingers, and eats out Marco’s tight asshole.  Adrian Long follows with Miles Racer, and he’s rough and doesn’t waste time as he sucks his fingers before shoving them up Miles’ hole, who thrusts has ass and fucks himself on them! Jessy Ares takes great pleasure sliding under Adam Killian’s famous ass, settling his lips between his meaty cheeks, and lathering his hole as Adam bounces up and down. Afterwards Jessy bends over so Adam can feast on his hole before fingering it. Mathew Mason and Edji Da Silva bend over for Jonathan Agassi so he can take turns eating them out. Ryan Russell and Johnny Venture have some intense 69 action as they present their tight holes to one another and eat them out. Pierre Fitch hoists his ass high in air so Sam Steel can give him a deep tongue bath. Rafael Carreras returns to now tease Aaron Blake’s hole, who is a tight blond bottom always ready for a fucking. And Rafael Alencar works over Brandon Jones’s beautiful little sphincter while the bottom sucks his huge uncut cock!

  Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Fuck in Panties
Christopher Daniels and Jeremy Stevens Fuck in Panties
on 10.18.12

Jeremy Stevens and Christopher Daniels are pals and bros out in the open, but they both share a dirty fetish they don’t let anyone else know about: they like to treat one another like ladies while they’re fucking each other. Chris is the first to strip off his clothes while Jeremy watches -- he hands him a pair of panties and stockings that he slips right on. Jeremy is next, and he has a killer body; his muscles and cock fit into his pair of stockings like a hand fitting a glove. Chris drops to his knees and worships Jeremy’s cock through the black fabric s before pulling it out and sucking him slow and deep. Jeremy gets hard quick, and after slipping on a condom he bends Chris over the sofa and teaches him that masculinity and femininity combined make for one aggressive top! Afterwards Jeremy hops on his back and throws his lovely legs up in the air with his ass exposed. Chris slides into his hole and pounds him out until they both blow their loads!

  Aaron Blake Rides Jimmy Duranos Cock in Stockings
Aaron Blake Rides Jimmy Durano's Cock in Stockings
on 10.11.12

Aaron Blake is the perfect houseboy -- he is Jimmy Durano’s boy-toy sitting around their apartment waiting to help his man in any way possible. After getting Jimmy ready for a big meeting, he takes out a pair of stocking and slips into them. He loves feeling like a lady -- it’s his secret fetish that Jimmy doesn’t know about -- and whenever his man is away, he feeds his fantasy. But Jimmy forgets something for his meeting and stops by the apartment by surprise and Aaron is busted. But Jimmy isn’t angry; he’s turned on instead, and runs his hands all over Aaron. If Aaron wants to be treated like a lady, Jimmy is going to give him exactly what he wants. He first manhandles the blond’s legs and ass before pulling out his dick and sucking on it and lathering up his hole with his tongue. After Jimmy is done Aaron assumes the submissive position and pulls off his man’s pants and begins servicing his huge uncut Latin cock. Jimmy’s body is stunning and Aaron can’t keep his hands off of his muscles. After Jimmy is tired of getting his dick sucked he tells Aaron to take a seat on his fat piece of meat. But Aaron has a hard time riding Jimmy, so he turns around and waits for his ass to get pounded out like a bitch!

  The Dangerous Liaisons Stars Shoot Their Hot Cum
The 'Dangerous Liaisons' Stars Shoot Their Hot Cum
on 10.09.12

The sex stars of Lucas Entertainment's famous hardcore gay porn film, "Dangerous Liaisons," play and fuck harder than anyone else in the industry. In this cum shot review we see the hot guys reach climax after intense sucking and fucking. Included here are Bruce Beckham, Gus Mattox, J, Kent Larson, Mario Ortiz, Michael Lucas, Owen Hawk, and Wilfried Knight!

  Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset
Vito Gallo Pounds Mitchell Rock in a Corset
on 10.04.12

If there are two guys in gay porn who are capable of bending the line between masculinity and femininity, it’s Vito Gallo and Mitchell Rock. Vito appears onscreen in an officer’s cap, stockings, and a corset; he’s playing with himself when Mitchell Rock walks into the room. Vito tells him to undress, so Mitchell looses his clothes and flexes his body as Vito hands him a pair of stockings to slip into. Mitchell has a thick pair of legs and the stockings can barely contain them. Afterwards Mitchell drops to his knees and starts sucking Vito’s huge cock through the black material of the stockings. Mitchell bends over the bed so Vito can work on his asshole, balls, and cock, but not before ripping at the stockings for clear access! After Mitchell is worked on a bit, he flips back and sucks Vito off some more before the top puts a condom on and Mitchell takes a seat directly down on Vito’s cock. Vito is notoriously huge, and Mitchell’s ass provides something of a buffer, but it still takes him time to handle and ride Vito’s cock. Vito decides he wants to take total control, so he flips the muscular bottom onto his back and slams him deep until he pulls out and comes down Mitchell’s throat!

  The Hot Guys of Manhattan Heat Shoot Their Cum
The Hot Guys of 'Manhattan Heat' Shoot Their Cum
on 10.02.12

The hot guys of "Manhattan Heat" shoot their cum all over each other after fucking long and hard -- the only think wetter and stickier is all of the sweat covering their bodies! Crawl into bed with Arpad Miklos, Asoka, Erik Grant, Fredrick Ford, Gabriel Sinclair, J, Matt Highland, Wilfried Knight, and Michael Lucas -- help them out as they reach their toe-curling climaxes and shoot their loads all over!

  Jessie Colter Opens His Sexy Legs for Jessy Ares
Jessie Colter Opens His Sexy Legs for Jessy Ares
on 09.27.12

There’s a message waiting for Jessie Colter when he arrives in the bedroom: “Put these on and get ready.” Jessie, ever the masculine yet submissive bottom guy, smirks and undresses. He starts putting on the gift waiting for him -- a pair of black fishnet stockings and small black panties. Jessie wraps the feminine garb around his muscular legs, meaty ass, and big hard cock. Jessie rubs his body in the stockings and relishes feeling like a lady. Jessy Ares appears wearing stocking on his arms and he doesn’t hesitate manhandling Jessie, who loves the attention.  Jessy bends Jessie over and grabs his ass and fingers his hole, loosening it up for an invasion of stocking -- Jessy slips a strand of stockings into Jessie’s ass and slides it right out! Afterwards they swap blowjobs, and they swallow each other up like it’s the first meal they’ve had in weeks! Jessy bends the bottom over, grabs him by the shoulders, and slams his ass deep and hard. Jessie Colter doesn’t like it slow or easy, and Jessy Ares isn’t happy unless he’s fast and deep. Jessy twists the bottom around into every position he can handle until it’s time for them to bust their loads!

  The Sexy Guys of Lost Blow Their Thick, Hot Loads
The Sexy Guys of 'Lost' Blow Their Thick, Hot Loads
on 09.20.12

The hot guys of the classic Lucas Entertainment feature, "Lost," gather together to blow their thick hot loads of cum for all to watch and enjoy! Some men are getting their cocks sucked, others are pumping tight ass until they can't hold it anymore, and the rest are jerking their cocks while having their holes stimulated! Don't miss out on the cum of Michael Lucas, Alex Clark, Chad Hunt, Wilfried Knight, Christophe Blanc, Clay Price, Dan Bradford, David Cody, Luciano Haas, Luke Stamm, and Richard Black!

  Trenton Ducati Rinses Out Mathew Masons Hole
Trenton Ducati Rinses Out Mathew Mason's Hole
on 09.13.12

Trenton Ducati uses his size to his advantage in the final scene of “Push It Out.” He’s tall, lumbering, and muscular, and he outmatches Mathew Mason in every way. Trenton claims ownership over Mathew’s hole and blasts floods of water into his rectum with his favorite enema bulb. Mathew can barely handle the pressure: he moans and yells with each insertion that Trenton makes into Mathew’s ass. Mathew sucks on Trenton’s cock after the first round of enema shots, but Trenton wants to sample his work so he bends Mathew over and eats him out. When Trenton decides to finally fuck Mathew he rams him without mercy… It’s a good thing he’s so clean!

  Edji Da Silva and Tate Ryder Flip-Fuck in Piss
Edji Da Silva and Tate Ryder Flip-Fuck in Piss
on 09.06.12

Edji Da Silva and Tate Ryder are both total pigs, and how they treat each other here leaves no questions about it! Tate and Edji douse each other in so much piss they look like they were both nearly drowned in a rainstorm. The boys are aggressive and hungry as they suck each other’s cocks -- in between sucking they’re lapping up piss off a glass coffee table and spitting it on one another. When it’s time to fuck, Edji bottoms for the first time on camera: and it’s difficult for him to say the least! He struggles to take Tate’s cock inside him, but Tate also doesn’t give him much choice until they flip around Edji starts fucking him!

  Draven Torres and Brock Rustins Wild Watersports
Draven Torres and Brock Rustin's Wild Watersports
on 08.30.12

Brock Rustin and Draven Torres make a great couple: they both have a similar build, but their features differ from one another. Brock is a ginger dude: he has a shaved head, but his goatee is all red and his skin is fair. Draven is Latino with dark skin and a wild Mohawk. It’s noticeable both love their tattoos. Brock is the first to whip out his dick from his jockstrap and starts pissing on Draven. Their cocks let loose so much piss they are spouting like fire hydrants. Water coming out of one end isn’t enough, so Brock and Draven bust out an enema bulb and fill each other up with water. The guys suck cock and flip-fuck one another along the way, and when Draven is specifically fucking Brock, the ginger bottom blasts out some enema water whenever Draven pulls out!

  Edji Da Silva Stuffs Jonathan Agassi with Bananas
Edji Da Silva Stuffs Jonathan Agassi with Bananas
on 08.23.12

Jonathan Agassi is piss-soaked and hanged suspended after sunset. His captor is Edji Da Silva, who releases Jonathan after he’s finished pissing on himself through his shorts. Edji takes Jonathan inside, where they both get even more soaked together: their bodies are glistening in fluid, making them two of the biggest sex pigs ever seen on Lucas Raunch. Jonathan sucks Edji’s dick and gets his hole eaten out before the Arab top fucks Jonathan in his own filth, bending him over and throwing him onto his back, pounding his hole fast and with fury. But the guys take debauchery to a new level when they play around with their nutritional needs: Edji stuffs a banana up into Jonathan’s ass and sodomizes him with it. How it stays together is anyone’s guess!

  Tate Ryder Squirts Ass Water for Trenton Ducati
Tate Ryder Squirts Ass Water for Trenton Ducati
on 08.16.12

Trenton Ducati takes control of Tate Ryder from the beginning -- he grabs hold of Tate's ass and shoves an enema bulb straight up into his rectum. Tate holds it for as long as he can and swooshes it around before squirting it out, and the more water Tate lets loose the better! Trenton tests out Tate's colon by seeing how much water he can handle. Once Tate is washed out, the guys set into a hot-and-heavy fuck session, complete with them first sucking off each other's cocks and rimming each other's asses. Spoiler Alert: this scene will give new meaning to "ass-to-mouth" sex play! When Trenton is ready to pound his cock into a tight clean hole, he bends Tate over and gives him a fucking he won't soon forget.

  Derrick Hanson Fists Brandon Aguilars Ass
Derrick Hanson Fists Brandon Aguilar's Ass
on 08.09.12

Anything goes out on Fire Island, and there's more than enough proof in this outtake from "Fire Island Cruising 7." Derrick Hanson has a reputation that puts the "hardcore" back in hardcore gay pornstar, and it's easy to believe why after seeing what he does to Brandon Aguilar, an anxious bottom who enjoy pleasing his tops. But Derrick demands a lot, and Brandon has to get onto all fours and exposes his asshole -- Derrick slaps on a rubber glove, lubes up his hand with anal cream, and works his fist into Brandon. Wiggling and writhing from the anal invasion, Brandon has no choice but to take it until Derrick is done!

  Preston Steel Dominates Tate Ryder with Dildos
Preston Steel Dominates Tate Ryder with Dildos
on 08.02.12

Tate Ryder is known for being a bad-boy troublemaker who deserves plenty of discipline. Thankfully Preston Steel is around to show him who is in charge: first Preston locks Tate in a garbage can and asks if he’s ready to be his bottom boy. When Tate’s ready Preston lets him out to prove himself. Preston starts out with a very long and very thick red dildo -- he eagerly sets out to work over Tate’s asshole, who is allowed to do nothing expect kneel over the couch, thrust his ass upward, grit his teeth and take it like the whore bottom he is. Preston swaps out the red dildo with a black toy lined with thick and heavy ridges, and each one slides into Tate. An even thicker and bigger black dildo is next on the list, and Tate does what he can to handle every thrust Preston delivers with it. Preston strips off his clothes and gives Tate a break from toys for his own real meat, fucking the bottom boy without regard. Tate and Preston finish their training session with two toys that can only be believed by seeing them -- but to Tate’s credit, he handles them like a champ!

  Milan Gamianis Piss Shot with Michael Lucas
Milan Gamiani's Piss Shot with Michael Lucas
on 07.31.12

In this restored outtake from "Barcelona Nights," Michael Lucas is hanging out at a bar in Barcelona with some of the cast from the movie. Milan Gamiani is dared to piss in a shot glass by Michael, and since he is a man of his word he does so. Boys will be boys!

  Martin Passoli Rams Objects into Christian Herzog
Martin Passoli Rams Objects into Christian Herzog
on 07.26.12

Blond, beefy hunk Christian Herzog stands broad and tall next to Martin Passoli, a hot guy with dark and brooding good looking. They have instant chemistry with one another, kissing hard and heavy; they smash their lips and tongues into each other’s mouths. Kissing isn’t the only gay sex act their lips are made for: first Christian drops to his knees and starts sucking on Martin’s uncut cock, slurping on the shaft and massaging the pornstar’s foreskin with his slippery tongue. The boys switch positions and Martin opens up his throat wide for Christian’s own uncut dick; Martin bobs up and down on Christian, and from an upward angle the blond hunk’s muscular frame is highlighted in the shot. Martin is hot and horny for Christian’s ass, so he bends him over and licks his hole, rimming the tight opening deep with his excited tongue. After a tongue bath, Martin slips a thumb into Christian’s ass, followed by his index, middle, and ring finger -- all to open the power bottom up for a hard fucking. Martin pounds Christian’s ass deep and hard, and then switches over to the lube bottle, slipping it into the blond’s tight rectum. The bottom is replaced by a condom-clad black dildo, which Martin rams deep into Christian, who winces as he accepts the massive toy into his body -- he squirms with each thrust! The guys flip positions and Christian lets loose on Martin’s own ass, pumping and thrusting his uncut cock until the two unleash loads of cum!

  Young Sexpot Sal Takes Piss Through a Gloryhole
Young Sexpot Sal Takes Piss Through a Gloryhole
on 07.24.12

In this recovered outtake from "Encounters 03: Flash Point," Sal returns, and this hot guy is the very definition of a twink. He's young, short, light, and smooth -- but it's all deceived by the huge piece of meat hanging between his legs. But Sal is a bottom, and a monstrous cock pokes through a red glory hole for him to service. The owner of the huge uncut cock isn't interested in a blowjob, though. Instead, he starts pissing all over Sal, who doesn't recoil but rather recoil but rather embraces the submission and lets the urine cover his face and body!

  Alessandro Master Fucks Franco Ferarri with Toys
Alessandro Master Fucks Franco Ferarri with Toys
on 07.19.12

Alessandro Master doesn’t speak much English, but when he’s paired up with Franco Ferarri, chitchat isn’t something to worry about. Franco is a needy, greedy, and insatiable bottom: he’s worthless unless submitting as a big needy bitch whose hole is persistently invaded and dominated. Alessandro wastes no time showing Franco what he’s capable of -- the Italian top feeds Franco his cock before licking his ass and prepping it with lube. The first toy to vanish up Franco Ferarri’s sphincter is a modest dildo, and Alessandro isn’t shy about shoving it right into the Brazilian without regard. Alessandro moves on to anal beads, the bigger the better, but Franco fails his test and is only capable of swallowing up a few into his hole -- his gasps and moans reveal that he can barely handle the few he’s already taken into his body. Alessandro moves on to a series of black dildos, each larger than the last, and tests Franco’s sexual mettle before he rolls on a condom and mounts his bitch, riding him until he comes.

  Derrick Hanson Douses Brandon Aguilar in Urine
Derrick Hanson Douses Brandon Aguilar in Urine
on 07.17.12

In this restored watersports outtake from "Fire Island Cruising 08," Brandon Aguilar disappears with Derrick Hanson to a secluded corner on Fire Island. There Derrick continues to be a dominant top by making Brandon drop to his knees and take his piss. This might be a brief scene, but it proves why the hot guys on Fire Island are just so damn sexy!

  Will Helm Bottoms for Marco Sessions Anal Toys
Will Helm Bottoms for Marco Sessions' Anal Toys
on 07.12.12

Marco Sessions and Will Helm are hanging out at a beach house when they sneak off and have some fun with each other. Their lips smack and suck as they make out; their pants come undone in the process, revealing their enticing jockstraps. Marco drops to his knees and starts sucking on Will’s hard uncut cock, getting the quiet top off. They switch around and Will shows Marco what he’s capable of with his mouth and tongue. Will Helm has the reputation of being a total top, but with Marco Sessions he is willing to experiment. First Marco uses large anal beads on Will, and the toy makes the demure hunk moan loudly! When Will is loosened up Marco slides into his ass and starts fucking him. Afterwards, they stimulate one another with a double-headed black dildo, ramming back and forth before Will whips around and pounds Marco’s ass!

  Michael Lucas Showers Milan Gamiani in Piss
Michael Lucas Showers Milan Gamiani in Piss
on 07.10.12

The camera catches Michael Lucas having some with Milan Gamiani after their intense shoot together in "Encounters 2: The Point of No Return." And when we say their intense shoot, we mean it -- Michael showed Milan little pity, both fucking and fisting him. But that wasn't enough: he has him relax in a bathtub so he can squirt his piss all over the gay porn hunk. Lucas Entertainment restored this clip to all of its raunchy glory!

  Johnny Venture Enters Brandon Jones with Anal Beads
Johnny Venture Enters Brandon Jones with Anal Beads
on 07.05.12

From the moment Johnny Venture appears, it’s clear he’s not in the mood for insubordination. The cracking of the leather leash says it all, and if his bitch bottom -- Brandon Jones -- is going to please his top, he’s got to submit completely. His first duty is to pleasure Johnny orally, and Brandon nearly unhinges his jaw to swallow Johnny’s fat, hard cock. Brandon has a hard time, but Johnny doesn’t care: he fucks Brandon’s throat with his uncut cock and loves every second of it. Johnny is ready for some more hardcore fun, so he turns Brandon around and has him kneel over a chair. First Johnny slides a big black dildo up Brandon’s hole; the bottom moans as the inches disappear into his ass. But the real fun begins as Johnny pushes anal beads into Brandon. And as they go in, so must they come out, and one after the other Brandon’s sphincter flexes and puckers until they all pop out. Johnny isn’t going to waste Brandon’s worked-out ass -- he bends him over for the biggest toy of all -- Johnny’s hog of a cock, and he fucks the bottom until they both blow their loads!

  Matt Colmar Sprays Water from His Ass for Leo Rocca
Matt Colmar Sprays Water from His Ass for Leo Rocca
on 07.03.12

In this restored scene that's never been seen before on Lucas Raunch, Leo Rocca's shows us what his ass is capable of launching in this exclusive outtake from 'Barcelona Nights.' He's with his boyfriend Matt Colmar, and it's water sports they have on their minds -- but not pissing. It's all about enemas here, and Leo turns his rectum into a fire hose as he shoots streams of bath water all over his boyfriend. This cannot be missed!  

  Kent Larson Slurps Up Michael Lucas Piss
Kent Larson Slurps Up Michael Lucas' Piss
on 06.28.12

Michael Lucas and Kent Larson start out slowly in this recovered and restored outtake from "Dangerous Liaisons." Michael and Kent make out slowly, mashing their lips into one another, but it's a precursor before they work on each others cocks with their mouths before Michael decides he wants to get dirty. The Russian porn star waves his cock around and starts pissing all over Kent; the piss-thirsty bottom looks like sexy rough trade, and here he's a complete pig rolling around in Michael's hot urine. The hot guys get so excited that blow their seed all over!

  J Takes Every Last Drop of Gus Mattoxs Piss
J Takes Every Last Drop of Gus Mattox's Piss
on 06.26.12

Gus Mattox demands that J be a complete and total submissive bottom in his presence, but the only way to keep J in line is to humiliate him. In this outtake from "Dangerous Liaison's," the boys lay down some plastic before Gus settles between J's ass cheeks and eats him out ravenously. When Gus begins to get a hard-on, he stands up over J and starts pissing, covering the hungry bottom in hot urine before finishing with a deep-swallowing blowjob.  

  Michael Lucas Fist-Fucks Milan Gamianis Hole
Michael Lucas Fist-Fucks Milan Gamiani's Hole
on 06.21.12

In a never-before-seen outtake from "Encounters 2: The Point of No Return," there's one thing on Michael Lucas and Milan Gamiani's mind, and that's fisting! Michael first teases open Milan's hole with his tongue and lips before reaching over and prying it open with his fingers. Milan is lying on his stomach when when grease up his hand and systemically slides deeper and deeper into the bottom's rectum. Milan moans and groans, but Michael doesn't care and fully engulfs his fist until he is wrist-deep inside him. When Milan flips over onto his back, he shows every expression on his face as Michael squirms around inside his colon.

  Michal and Daniel Nicolaus Squirt Enemas
Michal and Daniel Nicolaus Squirt Enemas
on 06.19.12

In this bonus outtake from "Straight to Prague," Europeans hunks Michal and Daniel Nicolaus return to show off their bodies after they're done dowsing themselves in water squirted from their asses. First Daniel bends over as Michael shoves the shower hose up his ass to rinse him out -- there is only one place for the water to go, and that's all over Michal's chest! After Daniel is rinsed out it's Michal's turn, and his ass is invaded by the same hose.

  Sexy Studs Working Hard for Hot Loads of Cum!
Sexy Studs Working Hard for Hot Loads of Cum!
on 06.14.12

In the final scene of Lucas Entertainment and Lucas Raunch’s “Only Cum,” the best has certainly been saved for last. Michael Lucas leads this cast of horny, muscular men as they drain their loads after some hardcore cock sucking and ass pounding. Starring alongside Michael are Chad Hunt (and his massive 11-inch cock is standing as erect and ready to shoot as ever), Anthony Ferrat, Brandon Roo, Carlos Morales, Chris Bolt, Enrico Verdes, Erik Martins, Lance Gear, Logan Reed, Michel Mattel, Mitch Ryder, Richie Fine, Rick Gonzales, Roberto Vista, Stephan Bertolli, and Tom International. This final scene from “Only Cum” is a true money shot!

  Michal Fucks Daniel Nicolaus with Dildos
Michal Fucks Daniel Nicolaus with Dildos
on 06.12.12

"Straight to Prague" opens with Michal and Daniel Nicolaus in bed -- horny and hungry -- satisfying both urges with some hot and heavy ass-eating and pounding. But before there is any cock in ass, Michal opens up Daniel's ass with a couple of dildos, and it's tough figuring out who is hotter -- Daniel, who is being over and taking it, or Michal, who's tight hot body flexes as he stuffs Daniel full!