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Ibrahim Moreno

Ibrahim Moreno, a new exclusive model with Lucas Entertainment, found appeal in the adult industry for a reason common among his fellow performers: he loves sex, and more importantly, he loves being watches when he’s making the magic happen. Ibrahim is a big fan of having bareback sex, and when he’s fucking the missionary position is a classic favorite of his. When Ibrahim isn’t filming porn he works in Italian clothing store, trains his body, and enjoys happy hour with his friends. Ibrahim Moreno had a fun answer when asked where the wildest place was he ever had sex was: “I had sex on the street behind a car parked [outside] my previous work.” In a calmer setting, Ibrahim gets off by messing around with men on his sofa instead of in the bedroom.

Ken Summers

Costa-Rican native Ken Summers is a hot Latin boy always ready to fuck at a moment’s notice. Ken loves sex and he loves showing off his good looks and beautiful body, which he started doing by modeling in Costa Rica. Now he lives in Barcelona, where he’s taking modeling to the next X-rated step. Ken loves submitting to a dominant top, but he also finds Latin asses really hot and sometimes wants to lick and fuck one. But that’s only on occasion. He’s much more comfortable riding raw dick!


Paris-based Bulrog is an engineer by day, and by night he embraces his adventurous side by performing in gay bareback porn. Bulrog is a total top, and the more submissive his bottoms the better; Bulrog likes guys who have one concern, and that’s fulfilling his sexual needs. “I love to be piggy with a power bottom and I love to have sex everywhere. The more unusual the location, the more excited I become,” he said. Bulrog doesn’t limit potential sex partners, either. “I don't really have a kind of guy. It comes from a connection that can happen with all sorts of guys. But I usually like people with a lot of confidence and piggy ones that have almost no limits.”

Alex Kof

Alex Kof is a new Lucas Entertainment exclusive model with Russian heritage, a beautiful body, and a really big dick. You'll see much more of Alex in the upcoming movie "Lucas Men 2.0" so stay tuned for more from him!

Rex Cameron

Rex Cameron is an aspiring writer and LGBTQ columnist that always had his eye on the gay porn industry: “Gay porn model have always inspired me -- I always felt a kinship to them. I always wanted to do gay porn so I said why not… and Rex Cameron was born.” Rex loves getting fucked on his back; there is more intimacy when two guys make eye contact during a sweaty fuck session. And while we’re on that topic, Rex loves bottoming for an aggressive top. Giving over total control to a top is Rex’s greatest sexual fetish. The craziest place Rex Cameron has had sex was on Lucas Entertainment’s Greek set overlooking the Adriatic Sea. “My first golden shower on film was part of the scene!”

Alejandro Castillo

Alejandro Castillo new exclusive model is a hung Latin top with a limitless sex drive, making it difficult for most of our models to keep up with him. Alejandro's most prominent attribute (aside from his handsome face and awesome body) is his big, fat, nine-inch uncut cock. And he loves using it to pound the asses of needy bottoms from around the globe. But they sure do have fun trying! Alejandro's first Lucas Entertainment scene debuts on 26 August 2016, and he's in a group sex encounter with some of our hottest models: Dylan James, Stas Landon, Drae Axtell, Koda Gold, Andrey Vic, and Asher Devin!

Devin Franco

Devin Franco is known for his woodworking skills -- and no, that’s not a cheap sex joke. Devin builds custom furniture at his Albuquerque home as a profession. But he also spends a lot of time at the gym and is working toward a personal trainer certification. Devin believes in working hard, and that’s one of the reasons why he performs in the adult industry -- he’s not going to waste any of his assets, and that includes his boyish good looks and beautiful good looks. More specifically, Devin enjoys an audience when he’s with men: “I like to show off… I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I also love getting fucked and pleasing hot muscular guys.” That’s all good to hear, because we’ll have the camera rolling when exactly that kind of action is going down!

Stas Landon

There’s a lot of excitement coming with Stas Landon; he’s one of the hottest new Lucas Entertainment exclusive models to perform in recent years. And while the Ukraine native might be a Moscow-based banker by day, he’s not shy about stripping away his clothes and showing off his incredible physique when the workday is over. Stas Landon’s first scene will premiere in the upcoming Lucas Entertainment film “Nutt In The Butt” -- and it’s porn legend Adam Killian who shows him the ropes!

Josh Rider

Lucas Entertainment new exclusive star Josh Rider hails from the seaside town of Dover, England, where he was born and raised. Josh has always been a performer with an edge: “[I’ve always] liked showing off my body; I've never been shy with my body.” With that said, making a move to perform in the adult industry was a natural next step: “I have always loved the camera, and it's something I've always wanted to get into.” Josh is a fitness instructor by trade, and when you look at his killer physique that’s apparent. Muscles, hairy chests, and tall men turn josh on… as does gagging on a big cock and swallowing a warm load straight from the tap. When asked what his favorite position in bed is, Josh Rider had a funny response: I love good, old-fashioned missionary; does that make me boring?” Not at all, Josh -- it’s not what the position is, but how you work it. And we know you’re going to work the hell out of it!

Gabriel Taurus

The sexy Latin top Gabriel Taurus makes his Lucas Entertainment in an incredible way: topping Tomas Brand! Tomas is usually on top most of the time, but in the upcoming "Bareback Auditions 04: Raw Recruits," he's submitting to Gabriel Taurus!

Damon Heart

Damon Heart has been interested in the gay porn industry ever since he was a teenager, but it's taken a few years for him to decide to make the leap from admirer to participant. Damon manages a night club, so his move into gay porn is a smooth one. He's versatile in bed, too: with big guys he likes getting fucked, but if he's with guys his size or smaller he's up for throwing them around. When we asked him his dream fuck he said: "I don't do fantasy. I do real."

Andrey Vic

Andrey Vic makes his Lucas Entertainment in the upcoming film Bareback Auditions 04: Raw Recruits." Who welcomes him to the studio? Both Zander Craze and Damon Heart, and they go out of their way to give Andrey a hot-and-heavy introduction! It's also with Zander and Damon where Andrey gets into his foot fetish!


D.K. has total bragging rights about the masterpiece he has between his legs -- his dick is huge, measuring in at 10 inches, and he knows how to use it. D.K. spends the right amount of working out to keep his body in awesome shape; It’s also where he gets all of his stamina in the sack. It’s all about foreplay when D.K. is having sex, especially everything oral going on. The craziest places D.K. has had sex was in a park in the middle of the afternoon.

James Castle

James Castle will debut in his first scene on Lucas Entertainment in a gay bareback sex action with Ashton Summers and Letterio Amadeo, which will appear in the upcoming movie "Raw Threeway." Don't miss out on this stud's first release on Lucas Raunch with the adorable Derek Allan.

Diego Summers

Diego Summers was born in Holland, but he currently calls Amsterdam his home -- and it’s there all the men benefit from his high-caliber topping skills. Sex is his profession: he films porn, go-go dances, and performs in live sex shows (which is one of his favorite things to do). Before fucking a bottom, Diego first loves having his face smothered by his partner’s ass… it lets him lube it up with his mouth deep.

Dylan O'Hardy

Lucas Entertainment's new exclusive model, Dylan O'Hardy, will make his bareback debut alongside Klein Kerr in the upcoming "Gentlemen 16: Professionally Pounded."

Zander Craze

Zander Craze is an Italian sex fiend: he is a guy who embraces true versatility, opening his sex life to the max. Zander started performing in the gay porn industry after meeting Matthias von Fistenberg. Zander like guys with huge cocks, big muscles, and bulging calves, and if a guy like this shoots a load in Zander’s mouth, he will happily swallow it all. Zander Craze made his first appearance on Lucas Entertainment in a Gentlemen scene with alongside Raul Korso, Max Toro, and Craig Daniel. His first scene was on Friday, February 05, and he was featured in the film “Gentlemen 14: Raw Professionals.”

Viktor Rom

Is there anything more enticing to the ear than when a handsome Latin man with a hot body and a mouth-wateringly delicious uncut cock casually announces he’s a total top? For me there isn’t, especially when Viktor Rom says it -- he’s the real deal when dealing with a man that knows how to use the weapon between his legs. By day Viktor works as both a personal trainer and in home sales, but by night he lets his inhibitions down and fucks lots of bottoms raw in gay porn. Viktor both loves deep-dicking his guys in the missionary and doggy positions, and he enjoys them blond and muscular. Throw in a set of blue eyes, and you have a perfect combination! We certainly look forward to working with Viktor more in the future.

Rafael Lords

Rafael Lords is sexy, compact, and always ready for an awesome bareback fucking! We have his boyfriend, the ever gorgeous and popular Jake Andrews, to thank for bringing Rafael to our attention. This native of Cuba currently lives in Seattle, Washington and is excited to explore his opportunities in the gay porn industry. Rafael Lords’ favorite sex activity is sucking dick (especially his boyfriend hard, meaty cock) and he prefers white jocks with Anglo-Saxon features -- that explains why he’s so turned on by Jake Andrews! Don’t miss their first gay bareback sex scene together, which debuts on 26 January 2015!

Max Cameron

Max Cameron looks like he could be Sebastian Young’s little brother or younger cousin, and that is a very good thing. Max has a dangerous look, like he’s a guy you shouldn’t fuck with. Add to that the fact that he enjoys topping, and we are all set with an awesome porn star. What are the guys Max likes? Furry, fit and muscled, scruffy, and tattooed -- all of which are great qualities in a man.

Mario Domenech

When Mario Domenech was asked about who he’d like to get hot between the sheets with, he didn’t hesitate with his reply: Xavier Jacobs. Mario tends to enjoy being on the bottom between the sheets, so if Xavier ever gets a chance to nail him, I doubt he’ll have any trouble at all topping a hot Spanish Ass. Mario lives in Madrid, and he lets his sexual exploration run wild, which is one of the reasons why he wanted to give performing in porn a shot. What attracts Mario to guys isn’t always their looks (he has a wide variety of tastes) but rather it’s their attitude. It’s all in the attitude -- he enjoys sweet guys with a bit of an edge!

Leo Alexander

Tennis, kayaking, hanging out on the beach -- these are some of Leo Alexander’s favorite hobbies when he’s not filming porn. But when he is filming porn, it’s all about fucking bareback. Leo made the point clear to us from the beginning that he’s versatile: he loves feeling a raw cock buried in his ass just as much as he enjoys sodomizing a bottom with all 12 (yes, I said 12) inches of his own cock! And on that note, when I create these model pages I have a drop-down menu where I select a given model’s penis size, but it’s currently programed up to only 11 inches -- since Leo broke that scale, we will have to do some re-programming. Leo is also a proud member of the Mile High Club, as the wildest place he had sex was in an airplane bathroom. He didn’t elaborate on what exactly happened in those oh-so cramped quarters, but it’s fun to imagine he was fucking the dude he was with. Imagine trying to stifle those gasps as the dude felt all of the penetration from Leo’s soon-to-be-legendary meat!

Dylan James

There hasn’t been a Lucas Entertainment exclusive model like Dylan James in years: his handsome face, jacked body, nine-inch cock, and warm personality all contributed to the studio signing him as quickly as possible. It wasn’t until later in Dylan’s life that he came to the realization that he’s gay, loves having sex with men, and wants to pursue a career as a model in the adult entertainment industry. Dylan’s intricately beautiful tattoos run along his neck, chest, shoulders, and arms -- the body art accents his natural good looks. Dylan is also completely versatile, enjoying topping as much as bottoming!

Derek Allan

Lucas Entertainment's new exclusive model Derek Allan enjoyed his first gay porn filming debut with the studio in Athens, Greece. You'll get to see more of Derek in the upcoming movie "Lucas Men 2.0" so keep your eye out. Derek Allan likes two things, and they both involve his mouth: singing and sucking dick. As for the sucking dick, there’s one place he’d love to do it -- in an office. Derek Allan’s inspiration to try porn acting was curiously and to travel to new locations.

Ashton Summers

The Puerto Rican dancer Ashton Summers loves sex, especially when he is held face down and getting fucked in the ass, so how could he not be cast? Ashton’s interest in filming porn comes from his fetish for having people watch him while he’s having sex. The craziest place he’s had sex was in a train station, and he’d love to get his hands on Justin Timberlake as his fantasy man!

Caleb Daniels

Check out Caleb Daniels get off on his foot fetish with Cam Christou and Xavier Jacobs on Lucas Raunch!

Rikk York

Rikk York is an excellent example of why Puerto Rican men are natural beauties -- he’s handsome, has a hot body, and a dick worthy of constant attention. Rikk is one of those special porn stars that enjoys letting us in on his private sex life on Twitter, where you’ll see moments like his load dripping out of Sean Duran’s freshly fucked hole. Rikk likes to fuck doggy when on top and ride a dick when bottoming, enjoys playing with sex toys, and once raised the dead by fucking in a cemetery. Muscular and hairy macho dudes are his favorite: they are more fun to dominate.

Drae Axtell

Lucas Entertainment’s new exclusive model Drae Axtell is an all-in-one package: a stunning face, cut body, and one hell of a big Latin cock hanging between his legs. Drae is a beach bum in his spare time: he loves swimming in the ocean and tanning on the beach. In the bedroom Drae Axtell is a top: he’s not shy asking his bottoms to suck his dick before bending them over and fucking them doggy style. After some friends let him know he has what it takes, Drae decided to give the porn industry a shot. With his looks and charisma, he will certainly go far in his adult career.

Sergeant Miles

One of the first things you’ll notice about Sergeant Miles is the animation in his face: he has an expression for every single way he takes cock, making him one of the liveliest porn stars we’ve seen in a long time. Sergeant found his way into the adult industry when a producer contacted him due to a single picture of him floating around on the Internet. It’s worth noting that Sergeant has an oral fixation he likes to put to work on camera, and he’s known for his attraction to gym rats and muscle daddies. But hey, who isn’t?

Xavier Jacobs

Judging from what I’ve seen on his Twitter account alone, it’s apparent Xavier Jacobs is going to be trouble -- and we all love him for that. This dude his Grade-A otter meat: his face is classically handsome; his body the definition of sexy; his brown hair, beard, and chest hair are near perfect; and his cock is mouth-watering. Need I fawn over him more? Why not: Xavier Jacobs grew up in West Palm Beach, but has since moved to Pittsburgh -- and get this -- he works in construction. This hasn’t been fact-checked, and it won’t be, as there’s too much fantasy at stake of seeing Xavier in a hardhat swinging a hammer alongside the road by day… and stripping off his clothes to fuck raw in front of the camera by night. Xavier Jacobs has been fascinated with the adult industry for years, and his interactions with performers gave him the idea to try it out for something. When it comes to the guys he likes, Xavier has a particular interest in stocky men with beards and tattoos -- he considers smaller guys “fun size” and loves being the dominant partner in his sexual encounters. The humble Lucas Entertainment content writer typing this blurb greatly anticipates the upcoming scenes of Xavier Jacobs!