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Piss Gods

You know what I want? the insatiable Jonathan Agassi asks his newfound friend Lavi Yacov before answering his own question: I WANT YOUR PISS. The alert and obedient Lavi is more and ready to oblige Jonathan's request, and douses him in a golden bath of his held-in liquid until he nearly drowns in it! The filthy spattering of Lavi's nonstop stream on the ceramic tile floor echoes so loudly it's a miracles the neighbors can't hear, and soon he unleashes his unforgiving deluge of piss across Jonathan's ass, his mouth, and down his gargling throat. Lavi spanks Jonathan's face with his outrageously fat tool, pre-cumming down his chest before cramming it up his moist and ready bubble. He penetrates the verbal bottom in a variety of positions and the two explode with cum across Agassi's face, throat, and chest.

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