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Fuck Me Hard

C.E.O. Michael Lucas cant seem to concentrate as his adorable and fuckable maintenance man struggles to repair his radiator. Crouching in his ripped-up thermal shirt, with just the perfect amount of ass cleavage peeking out of his bodacious jeans, R.J. hammers away at the old rusty bitch until Michael cant take it anymore. Whipping his dick out and cursing wildly, Michael pisses a yellow stream down R.J.s throat and shoves his cock in his acquiescent mouth. Clearly, R.J.s hammering on the office radiator gave Mr. Lucas some ideas, for soon he himself is hammering away at R.J.s supple, smooth ass. R.J. cannot stifle his moans, until Lucas stifles them for him by sending another torrent of urine across his slutty face. The scene crescendos with a mutual bladder explosion when R.J. showers in his own piss and finally, in Michaels cum.

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