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Handsome James Jones knows just who to call when hes got the kind of ache that only a man can fix: Dr. Jordan. On his quest for the source of James pain, the doctors hands wander to Jones cock and in no time, hes balls-deep in a warm, wet mouth. The doctor regulates the oxygen by holding Jones nose while choking him with his big cock and humping furiously. Once assured that James can suck, drool, and lick, he moves on to the next potential cause: his hungry boyhole. After a few spanks to test the reflexes, the doctor inspects James insides with his fingers. Still unsatisfied, he gets out his speculum to allow for deeper inspection. Hoping to get deeper yet, the doctor plunges his own cock deep into James insides. After a healthy fucking is administered, the doctor rewards James with a mouth full of jizz and cleans him up with a hot piss shower.

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