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Ethan Chase

Ethan Chase is now on Lucas Raunch! Ethan Chase is a native of Montreal, Canada, who loves sex, and has plenty of stories about his misadventures fucking around. When asked what Ethan’s wildest gay sex story was, he said: “In a church with a guy I met on online. He was a foreign student that was studying in Montreal and I was giving him a tour of one of Montreal’s most prestigious churches. And, well, one thing led to another and we found a quiet corner and had sex!” Ethan started stripping when he was 19, and shortly after he started exploring the adult entertainment industry. “I stopped for a number of years and got myself really in shape. That’s when I decided to come back into the industry and give it another shot. So far I have not been disappointed,” Ethan said. Ethan is versatile in bed, and he especially loves anal sex: “I’m an anal-oriented guy, so anything to do with my ass getting played with or playing with a hot bubble butt and I’m into it. But for me, sex needs to include anal.”

Height: 5'6
Weight: 150 lbs
Dick Size: 7.5"
Position: Versatile

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